Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fishing Report 6-12-11

Now with all fishing seasons open for Lake Waconia, it's time to update everyone on the bite. With the funny weather patterns we have be noticing, where temps would reach 100+ degrees one day then fall to a high of 65 the next, the water temps have been fluctuating between low 60's and mid 70's in different parts of the lake.

Early in the season the walleye fishermen were encountering big walleyes on a nightly basis. Lately the bite has slowed, but anglers are finding the walleyes on the corners of the island, as well as the mid-lake reefs such as Keg's and North. We're still waiting to see the variety of walleye sizes being caught. It seems when you get one, it almost always is at least 18 inches, with fewer young fish being caught. Don't forget that walleyes must be at least 16" to keep on Waconia, with one over 20" being allowed.

Sunfish are attempting to get into their spawning routine and are being found in shallow water. Most guys are catching sunfish in the area that they would make their beds. The females (which have huge bellies full of eggs right now) should be moving in, in a few days. The preferred bait is anything that can fit into a sunfishes mouth, such as angleworms or wax-worms on a small jig, beetle spin, or a small fly. The crappies have for the most part moved off their beds and into deeper water but some are still being sighted in the reeds on the northwest shoreline.

With the water temps doing what they have been doing the Bass have been working the shallows around their spawning areas. They are hitting all your typical bass lures like plastic worms, spinnerbaits, but there is nothing wrong with throwing a leech out on a jig with a bobber. Those targeting big bass have had more success fishing reefs like Center, Pillsbury or North.

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We hope to see you on the lake!

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