Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ice and Fishing Update 1-15-12

The majority of the ice on Lake Waconia is in very good shape now that we've had some colder temperatures recently. We've been seeing ice thicknesses in most areas between 10 to 12 inches. However, we still have some areas of concern. You might be aware that we've marked a couple of large thinner ice areas on the shallow parts of Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef. The Pillsbury spot still has an area of open water, with some ice around that between 3 to 7 inches. On Center, there is a long stretch that is between 3.5 to 6 inches. We still are dealing with numerous springs all over the lake. Be sure to stop in to the marina, so we can show you where the worst spots are. Overall, we are VERY HAPPY with how the lake is shaping up.

While we haven't opened up our access for vehicle traffic yet, we've been very comfortable 4-wheeling and walking as long as you avoid the marked thinner ice areas. Don't forget, we try to mark any spots we find that we consider dangerous, but it's a big lake and we can't cover everything. If you see something you feel is dangerous, please help us by marking it to keep everyone safe.

This weekend we have seen larger numbers of fishermen coming out to the lake. The bite has improved. We've been getting plenty of action in Waconia Bay between 9 to 11 feet of water, with a lot of perch and sunfish biting during the day, and some crappies in the evening. If you're tempted to put a bigger minnow on a tip up, it's been decent for some northern action. A good amount of anglers are now spreading out to the Center Reef and Pillsbury areas avoiding the thinner areas and fishing where the ice is better. There have been good reports of nice crappies coming from out there in depths between 10 to 13 feet of water. Some have been producing bites in the deep water (over 20 feet) south of Pillsbury in the evenings, suspended a few feet from the bottom.

It's time to enjoy the lake! We'd love to see you out here, and we'll do what we can to make your time on the water a productive and safe one.

A reminder to those of you who were looking forward to the "Adrian Peterson All Day Blizzard Blitz" Fishing Contest. The contest date has been moved to Sunday, February 19th. We hope you can make it out for the new date, as Adrian will still be here as well as numerous other celebrities!

We are RENTING FISH HOUSES! The heat's on and the holes are pre-drilled for you. Prices range from $55 to $75 for 6 hours during the week, and $75 to $95 for 6 hours on Saturday or Sunday. We hope you'll join us!

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