Monday, January 29, 2018

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Fishing Report - 1/29/18

There is lots happening on Lake Waconia!  This past weekend the Midwest Vintage Snowmobile “Waconia Ride In” was held at the Lake Waconia Regional Park.  Thousands of snowmobile enthusiast took to the lake and watched racing events as well as showed off their own vintage ride!

This upcoming weekend is of course the Super Bowl being held in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium.  With the multitude of media outlets in the area, there are many that are taking advantage of learning our culture of Ice Fishing.  Besides that, we hope Lake Waconia will be hopping with fishermen Tuesday, 1/30 in the evening after 6 pm.  NBC Sports will be out on the ice to get some video shots that could very well be played during the Super Bowl!  How cool would that be!

As for the fishing itself, we continue to have good action for northern pike!  We’ve had plenty of happy anglers catching many different sizes of fish, which shows the health of the northern pike population in the lake.  Those having success are using sucker minnows and setting up on a weed edge or above the weeds in 10 to 14 feet of water around similar locations people are fishing for panfish.

Speaking of panfish, we continue to have good sunfish activity on Waconia.  Daytime fishing with a wax worm and small jig (pink and orange have been popular colors) has worked well.  Crappies have been more active in the evening, although best fishing times have varied for many.  Crappie minnows have been best with a glow hook.

Walleyes action has improved as the season has gone on.  While we still are reporting many undersized fish, we have had plenty of reports of nice keepers (must be over 16”) and even some in the upper 20’s, for which many have been released!  While it’s not a requirement, we still suggest getting away from the large crowds of houses and spending time in the late evening or overnight for your best chance.

Our Fish House Rental season has been good for many groups!  We have had good success with sunfish, crappies and northern pike.  If you’re interested in renting with us, please call (952) 442-2096 to reserve!  We do all the hard work, and have the heat on and holes drilled ready for you to fish!

See you on the lake!

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