Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lake Waconia Fishing Report 8-19-09

We want to start this week's report with a little news regarding our Cormorant Petition that we've been very passionate about. We greatly appreciate the overwhelming support that we've received from local businesses and people in gathering names. If you haven't signed our petition, or if you would like to help gather names and signatures, don't forget to check our our website at (click on the Cormorant Awareness link) and print off your own petition from there. Just remember we need to have ALL petitions returned to us by Monday, September 21st, so that we can send them all in together to the DNR.

Now, on to the Fishing Report. This summer's weather has been very interesting. Last week, temperatures soared into the 90's, while this week it appears we'll be dealing with upper 60's and low 70's. This drastic difference from week to week can greatly influence the bite. The better fishing is usually during the frontal changes. When it gets cooler like it will be this week, it's best to have a patient plan of attack. It's a good time to put away the fast moving baits and go with a slower approach like bobber fishing, or slowly dragging a jig along the bottom.

During the last week or so, anglers who have been having the most success have been fishing amongst pockets in the weeds. Certainly you can expect to catch fish along the weed edges as well, but fishing in the weeds, while more difficult, gives you a better chance. Places to find good weed structure are Center Reef, North Reef, and Pillsbury Reef. While each of these areas have been spotty from day to day, more often than not you can find a good bite there. Generally, it's a good idea to be fishing between 10 to 13 feet. Expect the sunfish and bass bite to be the most consistent. Some bass anglers have been reporting catches in even shallower water, throwing baits in the reeds and shallow weed areas in less than 6 feet of water. Crappies and Sunnies have also been doing well between the two marinas as well as into Waconia Bay. If you're looking for the big gamefish bite, the muskie action has tapered off a bit, but don't put your rods away yet. Muskie action can turn on a dime and when it's on, there isn't a better lake than Waconia.

We hope to see you on the lake!

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