Friday, December 31, 2010

Rain! Just what the Doctor ordered!

Today is New Years Eve and we are ecstatic here on Lake Waconia! After the warm temps, rain, wind, and a lot of luck, things are looking much better on the lake! Snow is almost non-existent, and the predicted cold temps will be able to penetrate, firm things up, and start making some great ice! We will continue to check areas that previously concerned us, such as the thinner layered ice Ben and Tim found by Cemetery Reef, among others. We are keeping our access closed to machines and wheel houses for only a very short time. Soon we will be ready to get out in full force. Assuming we don't get much snow this weekend we will be placing our rental houses this week! Things are going to change fast, so check back here, or call the bait shop for more current info!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake Waconia Ice update

Today is Tuesday, 12/28/2010 and it has been 10 days since our last update. Conditions have been changing every couple of days, so please bare with us between updates. Waconia Bay and the "Walleye Hole" between the marinas remain the easiest to get to, and most fished spots on Lake Waconia. We've been working to keep a path well beaten to these areas to make for an easier walk, or 4-wheeler ride to pull your portable. Having said that, at this time, we still are not opening up our access to bring permanent fish houses on to the ice.

As for the fishing, the perch have been most active, with sunnies and crappies mixing in occasionally. Patience is needed to sort out the little ones if you are looking to keep some for the frying pan. The late night walleye bite has been decent. We've weighed a few nice eaters in the past week.

Ice thicknesses continue to vary greatly. Thick ice (9"-15") is becoming quite common in areas that aren't slushy, or the snow is't too deep. Areas that have deep snow or slush have 5"-8" of ice commonly found on them. Ben and his buddy Tim found an area between our marina and Cemetery Reef that has 2"-3" of slush ice, 3"-5" of water, and then ONLY 2"-3" of clear ice under it! So if you are out on a machine, continue to be careful! At the moment getting from our marina to Cemetery, or beyond "Under the Wires" with a 4-wheeler is very difficult. Call for daily updates.

As you might know another potential weather event might be heading our way. At the moment, we are not renting fish houses until further notice. We hope to update with more positive news in the coming days.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Ice Update 12-18-10

We went out for a walk today on the ice and things are improving. While there are still plenty of areas of water and slush beneath the snow, there have been spots that have firmed up. Snow is settling some, and walking conditions have gotten easier because of this. Minimum thicknesses we found today were 6 inches, with 6.5 to 7 inches average under the snow. Expect to find much thicker totals of ice where the slush has frozen on top of the original ice. Our staff has beaten a path with snowmobiles into Waconia Bay making it much easier to walk, as well as use machines. Once you get off the path, if you don't find frozen slush to drive on, be prepared to potentially get stuck in the numerous areas that slush exists under the deeper snow. In the spots we've checked, Waconia Bay remains your easiest spot to get to. The walleye hole between the marinas isn't too difficult to reach. Cemetery Reef remains the toughest haul, due to tougher walking conditions because of some expansive slushy areas along the way. At this time, we are allowing 4-wheelers and snowmobiles thru our access, but we are asking that permanent houses not come through here until further notice.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lake Waconia Ice/Snow Report 12-15-10

Snow snow snow and more snow. Not quite the start to the ice fishing season most were expecting. While the snow is hampering the development of the ice, there is still enough good walkable ice to allow for those of you chomping at the bit to wet a line. So far, the lake has seen very little fishing pressure, so there are plenty of fish left to be had. Waconia Bay is usually a good place to start. So far, the bite has been average, but those fishing sunfish in the daytime have had success in or around weeds. There have been a few nice pike caught there as well. It's also not a bad idea to fish walleyes early in the season in 12 to 14 feet of water in the outer periphery of the bay. Take advantage of fishing there now before traffic/noise/fishing pressure increase.

Expect to find a lot of varying thicknesses when you drill holes in different areas. We're still finding ice as thin as 4 inches in some areas by Cemetery Reef, with the median average being between 6 to 7 inches in Waconia Bay, and up to 9 or more inches of combined ice where slush has frozen solid. Speaking of slush, come prepared with good waterproof boots, because there are scattered areas of slush, with some several inches deep. To make an easier walk to your hotspot, avoid the deeper snow drifts by following the frozen clearings that were previously slush. As of now, we are not allowing permanent houses through our access because of the snow and slush out front.

Feel free to call us at 952-442-2096 for the latest report on the ice. It changes almost daily, so it's important to find out before heading on the lake.

Our annual Ice and Dice prize giveaway has begun. We're looking forward to seeing your fish and hopefully giving away a nice prize.

We hope to see you soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome Back to Winter !

The long wait for ice fishing is finally here!! As of today, Saturday December 4th- our bait & tackle shop is officially open for Ice Fishing Season! Our hours this week for now are -open at 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Longer hours will be announced, as lake ice thickens.

No time to fish, but need to Christmas shop? Buy your gift and get the fishing report here at the same time! Our Gift Certificates let the angler in your life choose what they want! Buy now, or ask loved ones to get YOU one! Our shop is filled with everything for ice fishing such as: chisels, hand & gas Strikemaster augers, ice cleats, great Rod and Reel Combos & Kens ice jigs- famous for producing fish! We specialize in seasonal needs to make your trip to the lake enjoyable. Stop in for a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, a snack or just friendly conversation and ice and fishing information.

Once the ice is thick enough for motorized use, we plow a network of lake roads from our convenient access. During business hours, you can now walk onto the lake from our plowed parking lot [$1 daily per adult/kids free]. Later when the lake is driveable- ATV's, Snowmobiles, Cars & Trucks can enter to use our plowed lake roads [$2 daily each].

Ask Santa to bring you a convenient In Towne Winter 2010/11 Marina Season Access Pass. Cost is only $25 to use our access & lake roads not only during business hours, but ALSO- before & after business hours. Ask for more detail. Reminder-Until lake ice is thick enough to park on- Parking on City Streets after midnight is prohibited. {Our MARINA parking lot is closed for parking before & after business hours to all, without permission}.

Lake Waconia ice capped over late last week, before yesterday's snow. However- due to rain with high wind early this week, expect variance in ice thickness. Areas large and small peppered throughout the lake opened from the blowing rain and refroze only a day or two before Friday 11/03's snowfall. BEFORE it snowed yesterday, we measured ice as thick as 5" but most newly re-frozen open spots had only 1" to 2" ice thickness [Note" the majority of Waconia Bay ice averaged 5" ice at this writing]. Ask us about areas marked with lath board & flagging ribbon attached, & don't assume anything until checking for yourself-especially at night. Stop in to hear the latest reports, known usable areas & those to avoid- for now.

We're getting an EARLY start- so get your gear ready! Winter fun has begun! Starting Saturday, December 11th, our 24th annual, FREE Ice and Dice prize giveaway begins. Also, this weekend, don't forget to check out Waconia Chamber's Homespun Holiday Sales and Fun!

See you at the lake- In Towne Marina