Monday, January 28, 2013

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Report 1-28-13

We've had a gamut of weather since the last report.  Last week's extreme cold added several more inches of thickness to the ice. As of this report, expect to find 19 to 20 inches of good ice on a lot of the lake. There is a major pressure ridge/ice heave up in the far North East corner of  Lake Waconia to report. It is in Reinke's Bay, and is quite treacherous. The area is not used by many people, so it is a good spot for a major pressure ridge if we have to have one. There have been a few more springs found on the lake in the deep water west of Kegs Reef. Please stop in the bait shop to have a look at our map for locations of these small problem areas.

The action during the cold was decent.  Then, with the more recent warm-up, we've seen the action of certain species pick up, notably the northern pike bite, with some occasional largemouth bass. We continue to see solid panfish action out on or around Center Reef.  We're still finding them in 10 to 14 feet of water. Sorting needs to be done to get keeper sunnies. We've even seen a few good sized perch, although those are generally too small. Crappies are still best after 5 pm. Despite the calendar nearing the end of January, we have yet to see the bite pick up too much in deeper water. Now that we've got some snow cover (that hopefully sticks around), we may just see the Panfish bite shift a little deeper as we get into February.

Pike are biting best on smaller sucker minnows in those same 10 to 14 foot depths that we have been talking about a lot of the winter. With the lack of snow for most of the winter, fish have stayed near the weeds in the shallows. The weeds have been getting sunlight all winter, thus putting out enough oxygen to keep the fish in the shallows. Remember, the fish go where oxygen is best in the winter months.

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Thanks for reading, and see you on the Ice!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Report 1-16-13

The lake is in excellent shape after that warm spell late last week.  Despite the rain, the weekend was welcomed with very cold temps that quickly solidified the top of the ice.  With very little snow now, and cold nights, we're seeing thicknesses in the 15 to 17 inch range.

The best bite recently has been those going for sunfish in the daytime.  The action has been hot, with numerous limits coming out of the lake.  We are continuing to hear anglers having success in the 9 to 14 foot range with good weeds.  They are all different sizes, so expect to do some sorting for the keepers.  Crappies are biting well too, mostly in the evening.  While we expect anglers to target them deeper in the coming weeks, we're still hearing of the best bite shallower, near the weeds in the same territory as the sunfish.  Northern Pike have been getting a little more active lately.  We had one come in yesterday that was 11# 9 oz., which was the week's biggest fish.  We've seen pike ranging in all sizes this year, which has been good to see.  Small to medium suckers are working best, with the bite mostly coming in the same areas as the sunfish and crappies.  Walleyes continue to be either small or big, with the good eaters being harder to come by.  We suggest getting away from the crowded areas by fishing some of the good drops by Keg's, North or Center reefs.  Those spending the night are having the best luck in the wee hours of the morning.

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Ice fishing season is in full swing, and we've had a lot of happy fishermen join us on the ice!  We hope to see you soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Report 1-10-13

The hot bite has continued during the past week.  We've weighed numerous nice crappies, with the biggest being 1# 12 oz. just yesterday!  We're continuing to hear the best action out by Center and Pillsbury reefs. Waconia Bay has also pumped out some good fish.  Find good weeds around 9 to 14 feet of water for the best chance.  Along with the crappies, the sunfish have been biting well too!  Expect plenty of action, but some sorting will need to be done.

If you're targeting northerns, we're getting most reported catches off of small to medium suckers in the same areas as the sunfish and crappie bite.  Since it's warmed up the past few days, we're hearing anglers having some fun catching largemouth bass, while tip-up fishing for northerns!  Not your typical winter catch, they generally bite best when temps reach 32 plus degrees.

We're still hearing that the walleyes are biting well, although size has still been desired.  We're getting plenty of reports of smaller walleyes (10 to 14 inchers) and big walleyes (over 20 inch).  We're missing the good mid-range sizes most anglers want for the deep fryer.  We recommend setting up 12 to 15 feet of water off of weeds, in quieter areas away from the large groups of houses.  Jigging with fatheads seems to be working best, although set-lines with shiners has worked well for those spending nights on the ice.

The ice has continued to build this week.  There is a little more variance in thickness due to the little snow we had from earlier.  Where the snow is undisturbed, you will find the least ice, although it is still a strong 12.5 inches.  Where the snow has been packed down, you will see ice ranging from 13.5 to 15 inches.  There are no new issues to report, and we're very pleased with quality of the ice.

With the action being so good, we've given away numerous prizes to those who have weighed their fish in our Free Ice and Dice game!  The prize giveaway goes on until mid-February, so be sure stop in and get in on the fun!

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We'll see you on the lake!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Report 1-02-13

Happy New Year!  It's starting to look like winter should on Lake Waconia.  In the past several days, anglers have been bringing their permanent houses on the ice and heading out to all the normal fishing holes.

We've monitored the ice thicknesses daily, and are seeing an average of 11 to 12 inches of ice.  The quality of the ice is excellent, as it is solid clear ice in most areas.  Continue to watch out for the areas marked with lath board and caution tape, as those are marking springs.

We opened our access to vehicle traffic last Friday.  We were recommending small to medium sized vehicles at the time.  The past few days, we're seeing more full-size trucks starting to venture on the ice.  We have been driving our small truck and 1/2 ton truck, to our fish houses.

The bite has been excellent in the last week.  If you are looking for action, you should be happy!  We've had lots of fishermen reporting catches of sunfish and perch during the daytime, and crappies in the evening in Waconia Bay.  Look for weeds in 9 to 13 feet of water.  Wax worms have been working daytime, and crappie minnows during the night.  We're also hearing several good reports off Pillsbury and Center Reefs in similar depths of 10 to 14 feet.  Don't hesitate to put a tip-up out, as the Northern Pike bite has picked up in recent days.  Small to medium sucker minnows have been the bait of choice for those.

We're seeing a resurgence of walleye on Lake Waconia.  It's not uncommon to hear reports of anglers catching several a night. The only caveat is that the vast majority of walleyes are undersized (in the 10 to 15 inch range).  Don't forget that Lake Waconia has a special regulation, which states that to keep a walleye, it must measure at least 16 inches.

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