Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greet US Rep John Kline @ In Towne Marina ! Waconia Visit Wed 10/19/11

In Towne Marina is honored to welcome MN US Rep. Congressman John Kline to Waconia & his visit HERE- in our bait shop, from 12:15 to 1 pm this coming Wed, 10/19/2011!

We'll open from Noon to 3 pm, to receive guests wishing to see him. Please come to join him & discuss his Oct 3, 20ll proposed bill HR.3074, regarding Cormorant Control for Natural Resource Preservation.

Thanks also to bi-partisan bill co-sponsor, US Rep Collin Peterson for supporting the bill, and for previous work done on this issue!

This visit, is the culmination of years of work by Congressman Kline and his staff.
We're grateful that he listened when local concerns were raised. Our families 2009 Cormorant Control citizens petition collected 3,028 citizens signatures, in less than 6 weeks!
He received a copy of the originals delivered to MN DNR and US Dept of Interior officials , as action action agencies. His packet also included a City of Waconia Resolution along with Waconia Chamber of Commerce and Waconia Heritage Association letters of petition support!

Lets hope the bill passes and leads to better solution!

See You at the Lake this Wednesday!
Submitted by : Cindy Mase

Petition Sponsors & Co-Owner
Husband Jim Mase & sons Ben and JimmyMase
In Towne Marina
Waconia, MN