Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lake Roads are OPEN! 2/22/14

Good news! We were able to plow roads past Waconia Bay, to Center Reef and around to Pillsbury Reef today.  The roads are much narrower than usual, so drive slow and use caution when passing other vehicles.  If you are looking to fish near the road, please park so you don't clog the lane and drill all holes at least 25 feet from the road so you don't potentially flood it.  There is a lot of weight on the ice now from all of the heavy snow, so don't expect much freeboard.

We'll be doing our best to keep the current roads open, but pay attention for any future snow.  If we get any more measurable snowstorms, it will be increasingly more difficult to keep the roads open and to retrieve permanent houses off the ice.  Don't forget permanent fish houses must be off the lake by March 3rd.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Lake Road Update - 2/21/14

Due to the extreme snowfall last night and the continuing blowing snow, the current lake roads are non-existent at this time. They are blown completely shut and will be until further notice. It will all depend on the winds we get in the coming days and the difficulty plowing.  We will be doing our best to create a road if possible to the main areas of Waconia Bay, Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef.  We will NOT be plowing a road to Cemetery Reef, or beyond the areas listed above.  We'll update this blog with more reports in the coming days.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Update 2/2/14

The wind has been blowing, and the snow has been flying on Lake Waconia! We have been out with the plow trucks, and the lake roads are open! We maintain roads that go to the major fishing spots! On the roads you can make your way out to Waconia Bay, Center Reef, Pillsbury Reef, Wagner's Bay and Cemetery Reef. There are plowed areas along the road to exit off. Off roading is getting more difficult, especially when pulling a wheel house. Make sure you have a capable four wheel drive and a shovel if venturing to far off road.

The fishing has remained good on Lake Waconia! Northern Pike have continued to bite on small or medium sucker minnows. Folks are still catching them along the weed edge in Waconia Bay, Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef. Any good weed edge could produce pike right now.

In the daytime crappies and sunfish have still been doing well along the weed edges. The same areas the pike are being found are good places to find them too. The beauty of the shallow areas is the mixed bag potential. The deeper water in Wagner's Bay (17'-25' of water) has still been producing lots of crappies in the late afternoon/evening hours.

Don't forget to weigh your qualifying fish in our FREE Ice and Dice contest!  With less than a month left in the giveaway, bring your Lake Waconia fish in to weigh during business hours to have a chance to win up to $101.  All it takes is a 5.5 oz. Sunfish, a 10 oz. Crappie, a 5# Northern or a Walleye between 16 to 23 inches or over 28 inches to qualify.  We'd love to see you're fish and take your picture!

If you're looking to get on the ice, and want it to be an easy, pleasant experience, try out our Fish House Rentals.  We drill the holes, and the heat is on!  All you need is a license, rods, and bait.  If you don't have some of the equipment, we rent jig sticks either individually, or in buckets for a group.  Underwater cameras are also available to rent!  We also sell licenses, bait, tackle and snacks!  Call (952) 442-2096 to reserve.

We'll see ya on the lake!