Sunday, March 3, 2019

In Towne Marina is Closed for the Winter Season as of 3/3/19. Thanks!

We are now closed for the Winter Season! Our access will remain temporarily open for use while conditions allow. However, we will not be plowing any lake roads after today, 3/3/19 and may close the access at any time due to excess snow, ice conditions or safety concerns,etc... As always, drive at your own risk.

Thank you for another wonderful winter on Lake Waconia! We will update you with potential spring opening hours once the ice is off the lake and we have begun installation of our dock system.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Plowing Update - 3/2/19

We have our road plowed again past Center reef and out to Pillsbury, albeit getting nothing but narrower in spots. It’s predicted to be windy on Sunday, therefore the 4+ inches of light snow we got yesterday will blow around and fill in the road and around houses making it even more difficult to get houses off the lake. We recommend taking time to remove your house from the lake today unless you have a plow or at minimum a 4 wheel drive truck with chains. Reminder, we will not be plowing to Cemetery anymore. Also, since we close for the season after Sunday, we will not be maintaining any lake roads from our marina beyond Sunday 3/3/19. Thank you!