Friday, December 31, 2010

Rain! Just what the Doctor ordered!

Today is New Years Eve and we are ecstatic here on Lake Waconia! After the warm temps, rain, wind, and a lot of luck, things are looking much better on the lake! Snow is almost non-existent, and the predicted cold temps will be able to penetrate, firm things up, and start making some great ice! We will continue to check areas that previously concerned us, such as the thinner layered ice Ben and Tim found by Cemetery Reef, among others. We are keeping our access closed to machines and wheel houses for only a very short time. Soon we will be ready to get out in full force. Assuming we don't get much snow this weekend we will be placing our rental houses this week! Things are going to change fast, so check back here, or call the bait shop for more current info!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake Waconia Ice update

Today is Tuesday, 12/28/2010 and it has been 10 days since our last update. Conditions have been changing every couple of days, so please bare with us between updates. Waconia Bay and the "Walleye Hole" between the marinas remain the easiest to get to, and most fished spots on Lake Waconia. We've been working to keep a path well beaten to these areas to make for an easier walk, or 4-wheeler ride to pull your portable. Having said that, at this time, we still are not opening up our access to bring permanent fish houses on to the ice.

As for the fishing, the perch have been most active, with sunnies and crappies mixing in occasionally. Patience is needed to sort out the little ones if you are looking to keep some for the frying pan. The late night walleye bite has been decent. We've weighed a few nice eaters in the past week.

Ice thicknesses continue to vary greatly. Thick ice (9"-15") is becoming quite common in areas that aren't slushy, or the snow is't too deep. Areas that have deep snow or slush have 5"-8" of ice commonly found on them. Ben and his buddy Tim found an area between our marina and Cemetery Reef that has 2"-3" of slush ice, 3"-5" of water, and then ONLY 2"-3" of clear ice under it! So if you are out on a machine, continue to be careful! At the moment getting from our marina to Cemetery, or beyond "Under the Wires" with a 4-wheeler is very difficult. Call for daily updates.

As you might know another potential weather event might be heading our way. At the moment, we are not renting fish houses until further notice. We hope to update with more positive news in the coming days.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Ice Update 12-18-10

We went out for a walk today on the ice and things are improving. While there are still plenty of areas of water and slush beneath the snow, there have been spots that have firmed up. Snow is settling some, and walking conditions have gotten easier because of this. Minimum thicknesses we found today were 6 inches, with 6.5 to 7 inches average under the snow. Expect to find much thicker totals of ice where the slush has frozen on top of the original ice. Our staff has beaten a path with snowmobiles into Waconia Bay making it much easier to walk, as well as use machines. Once you get off the path, if you don't find frozen slush to drive on, be prepared to potentially get stuck in the numerous areas that slush exists under the deeper snow. In the spots we've checked, Waconia Bay remains your easiest spot to get to. The walleye hole between the marinas isn't too difficult to reach. Cemetery Reef remains the toughest haul, due to tougher walking conditions because of some expansive slushy areas along the way. At this time, we are allowing 4-wheelers and snowmobiles thru our access, but we are asking that permanent houses not come through here until further notice.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lake Waconia Ice/Snow Report 12-15-10

Snow snow snow and more snow. Not quite the start to the ice fishing season most were expecting. While the snow is hampering the development of the ice, there is still enough good walkable ice to allow for those of you chomping at the bit to wet a line. So far, the lake has seen very little fishing pressure, so there are plenty of fish left to be had. Waconia Bay is usually a good place to start. So far, the bite has been average, but those fishing sunfish in the daytime have had success in or around weeds. There have been a few nice pike caught there as well. It's also not a bad idea to fish walleyes early in the season in 12 to 14 feet of water in the outer periphery of the bay. Take advantage of fishing there now before traffic/noise/fishing pressure increase.

Expect to find a lot of varying thicknesses when you drill holes in different areas. We're still finding ice as thin as 4 inches in some areas by Cemetery Reef, with the median average being between 6 to 7 inches in Waconia Bay, and up to 9 or more inches of combined ice where slush has frozen solid. Speaking of slush, come prepared with good waterproof boots, because there are scattered areas of slush, with some several inches deep. To make an easier walk to your hotspot, avoid the deeper snow drifts by following the frozen clearings that were previously slush. As of now, we are not allowing permanent houses through our access because of the snow and slush out front.

Feel free to call us at 952-442-2096 for the latest report on the ice. It changes almost daily, so it's important to find out before heading on the lake.

Our annual Ice and Dice prize giveaway has begun. We're looking forward to seeing your fish and hopefully giving away a nice prize.

We hope to see you soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome Back to Winter !

The long wait for ice fishing is finally here!! As of today, Saturday December 4th- our bait & tackle shop is officially open for Ice Fishing Season! Our hours this week for now are -open at 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Longer hours will be announced, as lake ice thickens.

No time to fish, but need to Christmas shop? Buy your gift and get the fishing report here at the same time! Our Gift Certificates let the angler in your life choose what they want! Buy now, or ask loved ones to get YOU one! Our shop is filled with everything for ice fishing such as: chisels, hand & gas Strikemaster augers, ice cleats, great Rod and Reel Combos & Kens ice jigs- famous for producing fish! We specialize in seasonal needs to make your trip to the lake enjoyable. Stop in for a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, a snack or just friendly conversation and ice and fishing information.

Once the ice is thick enough for motorized use, we plow a network of lake roads from our convenient access. During business hours, you can now walk onto the lake from our plowed parking lot [$1 daily per adult/kids free]. Later when the lake is driveable- ATV's, Snowmobiles, Cars & Trucks can enter to use our plowed lake roads [$2 daily each].

Ask Santa to bring you a convenient In Towne Winter 2010/11 Marina Season Access Pass. Cost is only $25 to use our access & lake roads not only during business hours, but ALSO- before & after business hours. Ask for more detail. Reminder-Until lake ice is thick enough to park on- Parking on City Streets after midnight is prohibited. {Our MARINA parking lot is closed for parking before & after business hours to all, without permission}.

Lake Waconia ice capped over late last week, before yesterday's snow. However- due to rain with high wind early this week, expect variance in ice thickness. Areas large and small peppered throughout the lake opened from the blowing rain and refroze only a day or two before Friday 11/03's snowfall. BEFORE it snowed yesterday, we measured ice as thick as 5" but most newly re-frozen open spots had only 1" to 2" ice thickness [Note" the majority of Waconia Bay ice averaged 5" ice at this writing]. Ask us about areas marked with lath board & flagging ribbon attached, & don't assume anything until checking for yourself-especially at night. Stop in to hear the latest reports, known usable areas & those to avoid- for now.

We're getting an EARLY start- so get your gear ready! Winter fun has begun! Starting Saturday, December 11th, our 24th annual, FREE Ice and Dice prize giveaway begins. Also, this weekend, don't forget to check out Waconia Chamber's Homespun Holiday Sales and Fun!

See you at the lake- In Towne Marina

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oct. 4, 2010- Fall News-See You Ice Fishing!

On Friday October 8th, our shop and access will temporarily CLOSE until Winter.
THANK YOU to those who chose to shop here, while enjoying Lake Waconia this summer & fall! Our customers are the best, & make this business possible.

Sounds of Fall bird hunters echo over the water each morning now, mixed with calls of migrating birds and boat motors. Fall fisherman know they have less competition for bigger more aggressive fish, chomping baits to fatten for winter. This is when weed lines & drop-offs are memorized or "saved" into GPS's to easily find winter "hot spots". Don't forget a camera on your final fall boating trip! Lake Waconia is at it's best for photo-ops! Autumns' glow is perfect light to capture steam rising off the water, waterfowl winging over colorful shorelines and your monster "catch" of the day!

We're busily tucking away dock and boating equipment, and preparing for upcoming Ice Fishing & Fish House Rental season. We're prepping trucks to switch from towing boats, to plowing lake ice roads from our winter ice access. We offer affordable Marina Winter Season Passes to not only use our convenient plowed ice access during business hours, but also"before & after" hours.

While closed, we transform our Bait & Tackle Shop into an Ice Fishing "general store". See our web-site for winter shop & rental fish house rates & photos. We have live bait, snacks & beverages and gear ranging from: ice augers; chisels; ice walkers; jigs- jig rods or reels & combos. We typically open in early December, or-when the lake ice is thick enough to support walking, for use. Watch for this blog to see ice conditions, fishing reports & Shop hours that lengthen as lake ice thickens. Ice house reservations begin, once we've placed houses. Ask Santa for an In Towne Gift Certificate-choose exactly what you want for Christmas, or give one!

Check Waconia's Chamber web-site, , for fun and shopping all year long! You can find our fishing & lake news blog weekly, seasonally while we're open, & again this winter. Until then.....we're thankful for your interest and wish you all great hunting and fishing this Fall! We'll continue weekly fishing reports also, in OUTDOOR NEWS. See you Ice Fishing!

Your Friends at the Lake-
Jim, Cindy, Ben & Jimmy Mase-& In Towne Marina Staff on Lake Waconia

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fishing Report and Events

Fall is creeping closer. The air temperatures have finally gone back to their normal averages and the water temps are following suit. The fish have been given a reprieve the past few weeks as there has been very little angling pressure. For those who have ventured on the water, the bass fishing has been most consistent. We've heard anglers catching them in the shallow reeds as well as on the reefs, like North Reef, Cemetery Reef and Pillsbury Reef, and also along the weedline of Waconia Bay in 10 to 14 feet of water. Sunfishermen continue to catch their share of keepers. Again, concentrate on the outside weed edges on the reefs as mentioned above. The muskie bite has begun to pick up recently. We've seen some successful catch and release action on the south side of the lake between the marinas and along the weeds that stretch toward the beach. Some other action has come from reefs like North and Kegs. Black Bucktails have been a popular choice for many of those chasing these monsters. As we get later in the season, the walleye bite usually improves. While we haven't seen evidence of this yet, expect to have some success if you spend a little time fishing the drops in 14 to 20 feet of water on Kegs, Andersons and Reds reefs in the evening. Jigging with a fathead is always a good choice when targeting the state fish.

While the boating season is nearing it's end, we would like to remind those of you interested in keeping a boat at our marina next summer to visit our website at (click on the "Boat Slips and Buoys" link on the left) to find information to join our waiting list. Each year we begin filling vacated spaces beginning in November. It's always best to join the waiting list early, as it gives us an opportunity to invite you to join our marina for season full of boating.

Don't forget to join us on Saturday September 18th for our Nickle Dickle Day FREE "Prize Pond" for kids 11 and under (must be accompanied by an adult). We are giving away candy, toys and fishing tackle from 10 am until Noon or longer. It's a day filled with fun in Waconia, with lots of other exciting events planned throughout town. We hope you can join us!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heat Wave!

The last week has brought nothing but hot and muggy weather to lake Waconia. The water is getting extremely warm, perfect for the recreational boaters! On Monday the water hit temps into the low 90s, according to Jim & Cindy Mase that is the warmest in the last 3o years!

Last Wednesday marked our annual In Towne Marina Employee Fishing Classic. The target species this year was the bass. Jim & Jimmy, Ben and Travis, and Kyle and Eric hit the water and a few hours later the results were in. Everyone stayed shallow and fished the slop and thick weeds. There were quite a few tiny ones but also a lot of 1 to 3 pounders caught and a few nice ones that were missed. When it was all said and done Ben & Travis took the 2010 honors. We enjoyed dinner together after cash awards were given to all!

The fishing has been slowing down but the fish are definitely out there and people are still catching them. The best two species again are your bass and sunfish.

The bass have been biting both shallow and deep. Look to the slop for some nice bass during the mid day heat. The best approach in this situation is to use scum frogs, a moss mouse or un-weighted bass assassins. You can also look to deep water with
texas rigged worms on the weed edges in 10-15 feet.

The sunfish are still hanging out on the reefs in 6-15 feet. The most productive reefs have been Kegs and North. A slip bobber, small jig and wax worm have been working the best. If you do not catch fish right away keep changing depths until you find the sun

The walleye bite has slowed down quite a bit in the last weeks with the extreme hot weather. Look deep
during the low light periods around 20 feet with a lindy or spinner rigged with a leech or crawler. Some of the better areas to try have been Kegs and Reds reef.

With the water temps in the 90's please still refrain from fishing muskies, it is very important to help maintain this great resource!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Where has summer gone?

Can you believe it is already August? As we start to prepare for the fall season there are some new changes and events we would like you to know about. We will be shortening our shop hours later this month. Check next weeks report;our home page or after hours answering machine for new hours to be announced. Remember, after the Carver County Fair, Waconia's September celebration, Nickle Dickle Day is soon approaching. Lots of great sales, music, events and fun take place all day long! Among the fun activities for the kids will be our 3rd Annual FREE old-fashioned "Fish Pond for Prizes", for kids 10 & under. Watch Ads coming out soon! Check out our rental promotions good through August 19th at

Fishing has been pretty consistent with the bite, this time of year. Bass and Sunfish remain the staple species. Bass can be found on the outside weed edges in 8-14 feet and also on the inside edges in 3-6 feet of water. The best methods are Texas rigged worms and bass jigs. Some areas to fish are Cemetery and Anderson's Reef. Sunfish can be found on top of the reefs and also off of the breaks. Best approaches are a bobber and a tiny jig or just a jig over the side of the boat. Wax worms and panfish leeches have been working on Kegs reef.

The water temp is still in the low 80's, so don't forget- keep your bait cool in the water the bait shop gives you, & out of the lake. This will not only help you keep it alive to use another day but, also to comply with MN's new law prohibiting transport of lake water from place to place. If releasing fish, try to keep them submerged while you gently coax them back to swimming, after unhooked. Come to enjoy the lake, and share your fishing photos.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take A Kid Fishing Weekend

This last week brought out Summer's true colors..."red hot"! The lake has been busy with recreational traffic during the nice weekends but the fisherman haven't been slacking either! To start last weekend right, the In Towne hosted & provided live bait & jig rods for the Waconia Lion's Take a Kid Fishing Day. The children showed up bright and early, were treated to breakfast and sent out on the water with their guides. Around 40 children were in attendance, making the marina a happening place. They had a blast out fishing (and catching). When they were done the kids had lunch, & all were handed prizes & could take home their filleted Sunfish. It was a success to say the least. To see more about the event-check out the following site : Thanks Lions, volunteers & fellow donors that make this event possible for Waconia area kids, each year!

The fishing has been pretty good, with Bass and Sunfish the best producing species, lately.

The Bass have been excellent on the deeper weed edges. Find a weed edge on any reef or shoreline and you are sure to get into some Bass. The go-to tactic is fishing plastic worms with a bullet weight or a bass jig. Key in on areas from 10-16 feet, right in or on the edges of the weeds.

Judging by the success of the Take a Kid Fishing outing the Sunfishing has been great. You might need to sort, but they're worth the wait. Kegs reef was the top producer on top of the reef in 9-15 feet of water. You can either fish with a slip bobber or even toss out a flu-flu with a wax worm right over the side if the boat. Center reef in the same depth will work too. Remember to move if action is slow- predators in your area, may be affecting the bite.

Walleyes have been slower, but people are still finding some fish deep. The best approach is to use a LindyRig with a crawler or a large leech. The more productive areas are the south side of Kegs' Reef in 20ft or more of water and Red's reef in similar depths. The time to be on the water for Walleye, is under the cover of darkness.

We're joining other area Muskie anglers to urge each other to put down their muskie rods for a while longer while water temps are in the 80's. Extreme heat is especially rough on Muskies. They have a difficult time recovering from the fight in "hot" water conditions. It shouldn't be too long before the water temps return to the 70's.

This is a good time to get caught up on other multi-species angling. Catch & release anglers can save a few $$'s this year in license fees. The DNR now offers an annual Individual Conservation Fishing License for only $12 if you choose to release all your catch. Those out for a meal- don't forget to keep your bait in a cooler right now, and add fish as you catch them to an ice chest. They will be nice & firm when you get home to clean them-& safer and more delicious to eat!!

Any way you want to enjoy the lake- swimming, skiing, cruising or fishing- we hope to see you at the In Towne. Our business is making your trip here, a pleasure! Happy Summer Boating!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer...

Our July 17th "free" Slip & Buoy Customer Appreciation Day was lots of fun! Customers enjoyed breakfast treats, fished for gift certificates, and drew for $100's of dollars worth in free prizes, while sharing our provided lunch! Thanks for joining us in the heat! Our customers are the best!

While we're thanking people-we shout out another BIG Thank You to our excellent Staff! Their efforts help our family provide professional, knowledgeable service every day! Thanks guys! You are a big part of our success!

Another important event taking place here this Sat., July 24th, is the Lions Take-A-Kid-Fishing Event. Boys & girls ages six to fifteen, will participate. We have hosted this event at our marina for decades, sponsored & run by our local Waconia Lions. Their volunteers provide boats, take the kids out, clean their catch & serve free morning snacks & lunch in our screen house. We're happy to send along live bait & rigged jig rods for each child to use & keep. The event kicks off at 7:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. About 35 young people have signed up [entry deadline Ended, last week]. Parents-remember to ask where to park here when you drop your child in the morning, & pick them up by Noon, later that day. For more information this year-or to inquire about NEXT years event, please call 952-442-1040.

Don't forget...the Carver County Fair coming up August 11-15th. For more information visit

As mentioned earlier, the weather was down right "blazing" last week. The highs seem to be hovering around the upper 80's to lower 90's every day; & the water temp's aren't far behind! We've been seeing upper 70's to lower 80's for lake surface temps. Keep in mind, our bait tank water is around 49 degrees. Plan on having an insulated cooler or bait bucket to keep bait alive-put ice in minnow water & keep leeches and worms & your catch, if keeping fish, in coolers.

For anyone who was around Saturday evening, you probably saw the crazy weather in and around the metro area. Here's a photo of Lake Waconia that evening-happily the storm stayed North of us!

Now finally....the fishing report!

The Bass bite within the past week has been very good. Fish are being caught in shallow as well as deep water. If your game plan is shallow, try working the inside weed edges 8ft and less, or try spinnerbaits, pitching jigs, and texas-rigged worms in and around the docks. Bass can also be found near reefs in 12-20ft of water. Try jigs and texas-rigged worms.

Panfish have been somewhat inconsistent lately. The larger fish will be near the reefs in deeper water, following summer patterns - near weed pockets and weed edges in around 10-17 ft of water.

Walleye fishing has been alright during the lower light periods. Make sure you're out in early morning or around sunset in evening hours. Try Kegs, Center, & North Reefs in 16-22ft of water. A jig and fathead work well within the weed pockets. Lindy rigs or slip-bobbers with leeches are another alternative.

The Musky bite has been inconsistent. Bucktails, "Bulldawg" style or any topwater lure, seem to be moving most fish. Try the reefs and shoreline breaks in 12-20ft of water. Keep in mind that the water temp is very warm. If you do hook into one- keep an eye on it after release. Muskies take awhile to revive with warmer water temps. Be careful not to keep ANY fish you want to release out of the water very long/if at all.

Don't forget our "Rental Promotion" going on NOW. You can save 10% on Tues. or Thurs. off our regular Pontoon OR Boat Rental price, NOW-Aug. 19th. This offer is ONLY good if you reserve boats in advance & bring a printed copy of our internet Coupon found on our web-site promotions page: @

Hope to hear from you! Happy Boating & Fishing!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Settling In

The fishing has finally started to settle into its normal summer patterns, and fish are becoming more predictable. The water temperatures are in the upper 70s and the low 80s. The trend with most species is to start looking deeper.

For all of the boaters out and about, there is not a better time to be on the water, low winds, and high temps make for a great trip. If anyone is looking to rent a boat and motor or pontoon, we have a special that runs on Tuesday's and Thursday's for 10% off of a rental. Check the promotions page for more information.

The bass have been biting very well shallow and deep water. Many of the larger fish are coming off of the deeper cabbage and weed beds. Some of the better areas are Reinke's bay, Anderson's reef and Cemetary reef. Anglers are utilizing Texas rigged worms and bass jigs to hook up with monster bass. If you prefer to stay in the shallows, top water and spinner baits are producing on the north side of the lake in the pencil grass and reeds.

The larger sunfish are becoming a little more difficult to find as they are in the 16' range and starting to scatter across the weeds. The best bet is using a slip bobber with either a panfish leech or a wax worm. Also people are finding fish in the 5 to 6' cabbage beds in Reinke's bay and the southern shoreline.

Walleyes are being caught mostly during the cover of darkness and low light periods. The tactics that seem to work the best are rigging or slip bobber fishing in the 17-22' range off of weed lines. The best baits seem to be crawlers and leeches. Some more popular spots are Keg's reef, and Anderson's reef.

The water temps are in the 80s which put muskies at high risk for exhaustion. Fishing has slowed down but people are still raising a few fish here and there. Taking a break for a couple of weeks would be a great idea for the fish's sake. If you do feel the need to scratch to the itch try to target cooler nights and mornings. A rule of thumb is if the water temp is over 80 degrees, put down the stick and try to target other species.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fishing Report 7-8-10

We have now entered the week after Independence Day and it seems that the fish are now in their mid-summer patterns. Bass can be found along weed lines in 12-16 feet of water and guys are also reporting nicer bass off the deeper cabbage beds. The bay and Cemetery Reef seem to be producing some bigger fish for those chasing Bucketmouths. Most guys are throwing the usual jigs or worms, but don’t look past the simple and very productive spinnerbait.

Most of the walleye action is going to be in a little deeper water. Guys are finding fish in 18+ feet of water around the reefs. Kegs, North, and Andersons are a few areas to check out. It is typically a low light bite, especially on hot, sunny days. A jig and a minnow or a Lindy Rig and a leech have been producing the majority of the fish.

The panfish are still going to be out in a little deeper water. A lot of the fish are being caught in the weeds and right on the weed lines in 10-16 feet of water. Most people are having success with wax worms, crawlers, and small leeches, but don’t overlook artificial bait. We have heard a lot of good reports from guys using Gulp Alive 1” fish fry.

The muskie action has been heating up the last week. Guys have reported seeing quite a few more fish and they are even landing a few more. Try fishing the south shore, Reinkes, and the reefs in 12-18 feet of water. Guys are using bucktails, dawgs, and jerkbaits. People are also reporting a few fish trolling the deeper water around the reefs with crainkbaits.

With surface water temps now hovering around 80-83 degrees you have to be even more careful while handling the mighty muskie. Having the proper release tools is the most important part in muskie fishing. A large net, large needle nose pliers, heavy duty hook cutters and jaw spreaders are an absolute necessity if you are targeting these fish. Have everything ready to go in your boat so you can get the fish back swimming in the least amount of time possible. Unhook the fish while it is still swimming in the net and have your camera ready to go. The only time the fish should leave the water is to snap a few quick photos. When you release the fish hang on to the tail as long as necessary to make certain it is really ready to go.

Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July and More

This coming weekend already marks the 4th of July, summer is officially moving fast. The forecast for this week is very favorable with sun, mid-80's and light wind. The fishing is overall starting to settle into normal summer patterns, despite the unsettled atmosphere.

Many of the bass fisherman have reported the fish to be coming up a little shallower with some good numbers. Still the majority of the larger fish are coming off of the deeper cabbage beds. Pitching bass jigs and working Texas rigged worms are go to baits. Some of the recent hot spots have been Pillsbury reef and the mouth of Waconia bay.

The walleye guys have still been at it in the last week, and have been having decent luck. Spinners, jigs and lindy rigs are kicking out fish from 16-22' on Center, Kegs and North reef. With the busy weekend, fish are going to be turned off during the daytime hours, so really key in on the night bite for the best action.

Sunfish have wrapped up spawning for the most part and the larger ones are starting to relate to weedlines in 10 -18 feet. The best bet is slip bobber fishing or Lindy rigging at these depths with small crawlers or regular leeches.

The muskies continue to show themselves regularly with some 50" fish being caught. Many anglers are saying that the number of fish they are seeing is going up, the tricky part is getting them to eat. Double bladed bucktails, soft plastics, and also dive and rise jerkbaits have been moving and catching the most fish. Also do not overlook trolling crank baits for suspended fish next to deeper water. Anywhere you can find a good weed growth close to deep water there will be fish. Try Kegs, Center and Anderson's reef in 14-18' of water.

As all of you know the 4th of July tends to be the most busy time of the year which leads to the most hectic times at the boat ramps. Here is a quick video helping all of you to remember some important guidelines when launching the boat. Also if you do not have a slip or buoy please park on the street and limit one car per group for members. If you need any help feel free to ask someone in the shop for assistance! We will be open from 6:30 A.M. until an hour or more after the fireworks to assist at the boat ramp.

Thank you to all the individual contributers & local businesses joining us to help make the show a success , we really appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is here!

Today seems like the first day we are starting to get out of this up and down weather pattern and that should start to create some consistency in the fishing. The water temperature is currently around 74 degrees but with the warm weather it should easily reach the high-70's by the end of the week.

The walleye bite has been going strong with many people still having success on the jig and fathead combination. This time of year leeches and crawlers are always a sound bet with a spinner or Lindy rig. Mid-lake reefs are kicking out the most fish in depths of 16-22 feet. Some good areas to try are Keg's reef, Center reef and Anderson's reef. Many anglers are starting to report some good keeper size fish in the 16"-18" range along with some larger fish.

Panfish have been the most affected by the recent weather patterns which are taking place during their spawn. The fish are continuously moving on and off their beds, look for beds in under 5' of water and if they aren't on the beds look to some of the deeper weed beds for success. Wagners bay, the south shore, and the reeds on the north side have been kicking out the most sunfish. Crappies have moved out of the shallows for the most part, even though some can still be found lingering on their beds. The best bet is slip bobber fishing in 7-12 feet with a small jig and crappie minnow. Many people have been doing well on the southern shore of the lake.

Bass can still be found shallow in the reeds and along shore, but the majority of the fish are in the 2.5# range but there are still some big fish cruising the shallows. If you are in search of larger fish working the cabbage beds in 7-15' has been the go to method. A bass jig or a Texas rigged stick bait seem to be the best option. Center reef along with the shoreline weeds continue to be excellent locations.

Now to the mighty muskie. There have been a lot of people fishing in the past few weeks with great results. There are numerous reports of 50" fish that have been caught along with many smaller ones. Weed lines have been the main areas that anglers target in 10-15'. The baits of choice are bucktails, and soft plastic baits. Make sure before you go out to have the right equipment! A good net, a long pair of pliars and a strong side cutter is essential for muskie hunting! Also be sure to get the fish back into the water fast, with temperatures rising the fish will be having a harder time recovering!

In Towne Marina slip and buoy members - We will be holding a family fishing contest July 17th from 10:30-3:30. There will be prizes, food, and fun! Call (952) 442-2096 or stop in for more information

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fishing Report 6-14-10

The bass bite continues to be strong with most of the bigger fish coming off of the deeper weed edges. Try fishing North Reef, Cemetery Reef, Anderson's Reef, and the south shoreline break. A Texas rig with a plastic worm or a bass jig has been working the best in these locations. Try pitching your jig in the weed pockets and along the weed edges. Bass also remain shallow, but your going to find mainly smaller fish, with a few bigger ones mixed in. If your going to try shallow, work the inside weed edges, docks, and pencil reeds with spinnerbaits and plastic worms.

The panfish bite seems to be sporadic with the variance in weather. The sunnies have been moving in and out of the shallow water getting ready for the spawn.The water temperature has dropped around six degrees within the last week or so. The water temp is hovering around the 67 degree mark as of today. Try fishing with a slip bobber and a worm along the south shoreline, the north west side of the lake, and Reinkes Bay.

Walleye fishing has been decent, with fish coming off of Kegs Reef, North Reef, and Center Reef. Try the outer weed edges in and around 14-20ft depth of water. The key to catching walleyes is to be out during the lower light periods, sunrise and sunset. A jig and a fathead minnow seem to be working the best. Bobber fishing with a leech is also another good alternative.

Muskie anglers continue to be seeing fish. Anglers are reporting a better catch ratio compared to last week. Most of the fishing continues to be coming off of any of the reefs. Bucktails, bulldawgs, and even trolling crankbaits are working the best. The depth of water people are catching muskies at has been somewhat inconsistent. Fish are tucked in and around the weed edges on the reefs, but also suspended off of the reefs in 20-30ft of water.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Muskie Opener Edition

This past weekend was the start of the 2010 muskie-fishing season. For those of you that were on the water, you might remember the awesome sunrise that lit up the sky. Many of the muskie fishermen that have been out are seeing fish. From my reports and reports from others, some of the fish are being a bit lethargic, but on the occasion you might have an encounter with an aggressive one. It seems that bucktails and bulldawgs have been two of the top bait choices, but never rule out a topwater lure if the conditions are right. As far as where to go, to be honest with you there aren’t any “hot spots” right now. Some of the bass guys are seeing fish up shallow so don’t be afraid to try various depths. At the moment you can find fish shallow in 7 ft of water or less and also suspended in 20 ft of water. Stick to the basics and fish the weed points, turns in the weeds, drop offs, shoreline breaks, and you should see fish. If your not moving fish, switch things up and try different baits, techniques, and depths. When it comes to muskie fishing something as simple as your lure retrieve speed, and being out during the key time periods can make a big difference.

The walleyes have been biting! Last night (6/7/10) anglers were having success with a jig and a minnow. Concentrate around the 14-18ft depths of water. Areas like Kegs Reef, Center Reef, and North Reef have been some of the better spots. A slip bobber and a leech can also be an effective way of catching walleyes. Being out during the lower light periods, sunrise and sunset have been the best.

Bass anglers are having good success! The bass can be found in a variance of water depths. Fish are being reported in shallow water in and around the reeds and docks, but also off of the shoreline breaks and reefs, in and around the weeds. It seems that the bigger bass have been coming off of the reefs, in deeper water. Plastic worms and spinnerbaits have been working the best.

The sunfish are in the shallows and getting ready for spawning. Mixed sizes are being reported, so expect to weed through them. A simple slip bobber and worm are working the best. Try fishing the south shoreline, Reinkes Bay, and the northwest side of the lake.

See you at the lake!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day & Bass Opener

Summer has unofficially kicked off with the Memorial Day weekend and it couldn't have been much nicer! It also marked the 2010 Bass opener and there were plenty of fish to go around. The water temps are hovering around the 75 degree mark which have pushed the bass off of their spawning beds for the year and left a lot of the 2.5 pound fish, and some larger ones still in the shallows. The majority of the anglers have reported success deep in the pencil grass and weed beds on the north side of the lake. The key baits seemed to be soft plastic stick baits and unweighted flukes. The bass have started to move into their summer patterns, weed lines and weed beds in 8-14 feet of water will become their main territories. Leeches, Crawlers, and suckers are a few live baits that will be productive in the summer months. Some places to try for deeper bass are Cemetery, Center, and Anderson's Reef.

The Walleyes are still biting with many reports of 16-20'' fish being caught. The best approaches have been a jig & Fathead combination along with a Slip bobber and a leech. Harm's Point, Kegs and Cemetery Reefs have been productive in 8-22 feet of water. Just rem
ember that during the daylight hours many of the fish move deeper, while in low light conditions they will move shallower onto the flats to feed.

The Sunfish bite has really picked up in the last few days while they are on their spawning beds. Wax worms, crawlers, and pan fish leeches are all working on the pan fish. The key is to locate a group of beds, which can be found all over the lake, in depths less than 10 ft. Some spots to try are behind the weed beds on the north side of the lake, on the south side of the island along with Wagner's Bay. This is the time to get out on the lake with the younger ones, as the fishing is fast and easy!

This next weekend (6/5) is the start of Muskie fishing and it is shaping up to be excellent. With the warm water temperatures being higher than normal the fish should be snapping. We now carry a small selection of Musky Mayhem Tackle including Double Cowgirls and Double Showgirls. Stop in the shop and we will be happy to put you in the right area to get onto some big muskies! Handling these fish is a crucial part and here are some pointers to remember

Muskie Handling Tips
-Practice CPR (catch/photo/Release)!
-Having the right Equipment
-Make sure you have a good set of pliers, a large enough net or cradle, a jaw spreaders and most importantly a good set of hook cutters
-Releasing the Fish
-Try to have the fish back in the water as fast as possible
-The hook removal process should be done in the water in minimal time
-Grab the fish right in front of the tail and push and pull it forward and backwards in a slow motion (make sure not to pull the fish backwards to fast as it can end up doing more harm than good)
-Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fishing Opener 2010

The sunrise, sunset, and night bite continue to be the best time periods to be on the water for walleyes. Throughout opening night we had many reports of quality fish being caught in the 16-19” range. Big fish have also been reported since opening night. We have seen a 30”, 27 ¾”, 27”, and 25 ¼” brought in. During the night most anglers are working the shallower water, 10ft or less. Shad raps, a jig and minnow, and lighted bobbers with leeches seem to be working best for catching walleyes at this time. Most people have been trying the shallow parts of the reefs and shoreline weed edges in the evening.

Since the water has warmed up about 10 degrees since Friday morning 5/14, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start working your way a little deeper. The water temperature is currently hovering around the lower 60’s. If your not getting fish shallow, try fishing in the 10-16ft ranges, as the fish will move into their summer patterns. Some areas you might want to consider are Kegs Reef, Cemetery Reef, Center Reef, and Nelsons Flats.

For those of you that are interested in sunnies and crappies, we are still seeing an ongoing bite. The panfish continue to be caught in water depths ranging from 4-12ft. Sorting is necessary in order to find some of the keepers. Try either using a jig with a grub or bobber fishing with a crappie minnow or angleworm. The south shore and northwest side of the lake continue to be the best areas for panfish.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lake Waconia Fishing Report 2010 – Opener Edition

The 2010 game fish season is finally here!!!

This Saturday, May 15, 2010 is the start of the inland water, game fish season. Walleye will be the main attraction, but don’t forget the northern pike as well. I’m sure most of you have been awaiting its arrival ever since ice out. For the last month, not only have you been reading articles on how to persuade our state fish in to biting, but also stocking up on new tackle and baits, hoping for a trophy class fish.

Lake Waconia is one of the pristine walleye lakes found just outside the metro area. If you’re looking to go out this weekend, but not willing to travel far; Lake Waconia is the place you want to be!

The conditions this Spring, have been somewhat extreme. We have seen a very mild April with highs approaching 80 degrees at times too the month of May being very cool and damp. This means two things, the water temps have drastically changed as well as the fish habits changing. On a typical opener you’re going to find a majority of the fish near or within shallow water. The depth of water you would want to keep in mind is and around the 4 – 9ft range. Usually the night fishermen have their best chances, shallower in the evening with either slip bobbers, casting/trolling shallow rapala’s, or even a jig and minnow works great too.

For anyone that plans on venturing out during the daylight hours you might want to try just a little bit deeper using a jig and a minnow or even try running lindy rigs with a leech or a minnow. The depth of water you would want to concentrate on, is around 8 - 15ft. Leeches and minnows are going to be your best bait for this time of year. Typical colors you might want to try are chartreuse and red glows.

With the variance in water temperature this past month you may have to consider revising your game plan, as fish patterns change. If you’re not having any luck in the shallow water, try deeper. Keeping switching things up whether it’s lures, bait choices, or depth of water. Find something that works for you!

Some of the predominant shallow water spots are the Carp Trap, Rock Dock, swimming beach, Clay Banks, and the shallow water areas located west of Nelson’s Flats. If deeper water is on your mind try fishing one of the many reefs, Pillsbury reef, Center reef, Kegs reef, and the east side of the island just to name a few.

We have a full supply of bait and tackle, whether you’re coming to Lake Waconia or venturing up north. Our bait shop has a wide variety of bait including shiners, fatheads, leeches, and crawlers. We also have rental boats ready to go, so if you don’t have a boat feel free to give us a call and reserve one! The bait shop will be OPEN ALL NIGHT on Friday 5/14 for the guys that want to head out at midnight. Our hours Monday through Friday are 7:30 a.m.– 8:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. on the weekends. Feel free to stop on by!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost Over

Where did February go? If your hungry for a meal of Walleye then you better catch your dinner no later than 11:59PM Sunday 2/28/10! After the weekend the gamefish Season is closed. Fish Houses have to be removed by the same time if left unattended.

Thanks everyone for a great Winter Season! We appreciate ALL of our loyal customers, and hope you have enjoyed the 2009-2010 Ice Fishing Season as much as we did!

Starting Monday 3/1/10 we will close for the Winter Season. We will reopen in the spring shortly after ice-out as usual. Access onto the ice at the marina will be available until we see reason to close it.

Thanks again everyone!

Sincerely, The Mases and Staff

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lake Waconia Fishing Report and News

The season is nearing it's end. Just 2 more weekends to fish walleyes, northerns and bass. February 28th is the last day for the gamefish season, as well as the last day fish houses can be left on the lake overnight.

This week, we've continued to see a good crappie bite. We've heard varying times for when they have been biting. Some days it's between 5 pm to 6:30, and other days it's been from 7 pm to 9. Crappies have continued to be found in depths ranging from 10 to 14 feet of water. If you're only able to fish daytime, the crappies have been a little slower, but the sunfish bite has been adequate. Be patient if you're looking for keepers as you'll have to do some sorting, although if your looking for something for the frying pan, you can certainly get enough. Look for the sunfish action to be around 8 to 14 feet. Locations to find these fish continue to be in the areas around Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef and to the north, although it's not a bad idea to try in Waconia Bay this time of year. We've also seen the northern pike bite continue to be active. Small to medium sucker minnows have been the usual bait of choice. You'll find these pike in the similar areas you're fishing for sunfish and crappies. For the walleye angler, patience is the key. We've had some nice reported fish, but those with the best success have been putting time on the water overnight into the early morning hours. Nelson's Flats and North Reef would be a couple areas worth trying. See you on the lake!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lake Waconia Snow Report

We ended our last post mentioning we might get more snow soon, and boy were they right! After all of the "stages" of the storm we ended up with almost a foot of powder. The winds were gusting, giving us some impressive drifts. The established roads really filled in with snow, Jim and his V-Plow and Ben in his Bobcat had quite a bit on their plate. Roads have been opened back up to Center Reef, Pillsbury Reef, Waconia Bay, and Cemetery Reef. Jim and Ben have made some nice chutes off the main roads so people can get off the beaten path a little. Long distance off-roading has gotten pretty difficult due to hidden old roads, hidden paths and just plain deep snow. If You do feel adventurous, bring a good shovel and tow strap. Having a buddy handy in another four wheel drive doesn't hurt.

Call with any questions.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lake Waconia Fishing report and News

The Northern Pike Continue to Impress! Since our last posting we have been getting consistent reports of respectable Pike from the Tip-up fisherman. Areas these fish have been coming from, are still this years "standby" spots. Center Reef, Pillsbury Reef, Waconia Bay, and Wagner's Bay have all been giving up nice pike in, or near the weeds. A Sucker minnow set up in 9'-15' of water is still the route to go.

The Crappie bite would not be described as "HOT", but the action has picked up as of late. The pre-frontal bite has been the key. With all this weather we have seen lately, the action before the weather change has been noticeable.
We have not seen much of a deep water bite yet, just like most of the fish right now aim at the weed edges. Wax worms or Euro larvae are sometimes outperforming minnows, so don't be afraid to leave the worms on after dark.

Today is Saturday, February 6th and we have had a couple blasts of snow since our last post. The snow has smoothed things out on the roads, and given us some good banking material for the fish houses. Off-Roading is still doable with four wheel drive, but tough for two wheel drive vehicles now. More snow is in the forecast so if you need the latest lake news call the Bait Shop anytime!

See you on the ice!

(952) 442-2096

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Lake Waconia News

Stop by the Bait Shop this weekend, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and watch history motor by. The 20th Annual Vintage & Antique Snowmobile Event is in town Saturday 1/30/10 and Sunday 1/31/10. As usual they will be set up in the south east corner of the lake by the beach, but you will see the old machines zipping along almost anywhere on the lake this weekend. Seeing those old concoctions buzz by is always a hoot.

Temperatures have dropped significantly since our last posting and the lake has firmed right back up. The roads are pretty bumpy in spots, but thanks to Jim and his V-plow, getting around is still just as doable. You will find that off-roading isn't bad on the main lake, as long as you stay out of an old abandoned road or path. The snow has really depleted out there, but a little fresh stuff from earlier in the week sure prettied things up giving us some needed banking snow.

See You on the Lake!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Pike Action!

It seems like every couple weeks we get to brag about something, and this week it's the big northern pike!
During the warm up people were finally able to get out and do some serious tip-up fishing and it has paid off.
Many of the Northern Pike have have been coming from Waconia bay, Center Reef, Nelson's Flats and North of Pillsbury Reef. Anglers are catching them in 10'-15' of water, near or in the weeds. Sucker minnows have been the bait of choice, with many people putting their minnows on a tip-up rig or a good old plain hook. We have been hearing of some smaller Northern pike being caught as well, which is great news for the future.

With all of the rain and warm weather a lot of people wondering how the ice is holding up. The ice is more than holding it's own. Ice thickness has not changed much, if at all. The plowed roads are holding up well, but expect a decent amount of water on the roads, and a little rough ride. At the time of this post it's 4:00pm Sunday 1/24/10 and we expect things to be firmed up substantially by Wednesday or sooner. We have not heard of any swirling of holes in fish houses yet, but if we do we will report it right away. For the most updated report feel free to call the Bait Shop for more info. (952) 442-2096

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lake Waconia Fishing Report 1-14-10

It's finally getting a little warmer out. With temps reaching into the 30's, you can expect the bite to pick up. So far Sunfish have been more active. Of course you'll still have to deal with sorting out a lot of smaller fish, but there have been more good size sunnies brought in recently. We've still been hearing of action around Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef, but anglers are spreading out further to the north as well. Some folks have been having success in as little as 9 feet of water, but the average still remains 11-14 feet. Crappies have slowly bitten better, but are still not up to the standards we're used to. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try moving to the deeper side of Pillsbury Reef, in the range of 20 to 25 feet. With the warmer temps, crappies on Waconia tend to suspend 5 or more feet off the bottom in these deeper water areas. Most anglers continue to fish near weeds in 12 to 14 feet of water closer to Pillsbury Reef and Center Reef, but the action has been inconsistent. We're continuing to hear good walleye reports from anglers. We've weighed numerous walleyes between 16 to 29 inches in the past week, with the largest being an 8# 9 oz. 28 incher. Both shiner minnows and fatheads have been working, so we recommend bringing both. Anglers have been spreading out all over the lake for the walleyes. Areas such as North Reef, Kegs Reef, Anderson's Reef and Cemetery Reef have been good spots to try to get away from the traffic. The main thing we've consistently heard is that most of the walleyes have been coming between 13 to 18 feet of water. The Northern Pike bite has improved this year compared to the previous few. That being said, don't expect the tip-up flag to be flying up non-stop. Those having the most success have been putting time on the water. Sucker minnows have been the bait of choice. Center Reef and Pillsbury continue to produce the majority of northern being reported. The big pike this week was a 39 incher that weighed 16 pounds!

Don't forget that we rent fish houses! We offer either 4 hole or 6 hole fish houses for 6 or 12 hour time periods. Call 952-442-2096 to reserve. We drill and slush out the holes and have the heat on for you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carver County Pheasants Forever Fish House Raffle

The Carver County Pheasants Forever Chapter will be having a Raffle on Saturday January, 23rd 2010 at their annual banquet. The Raffle proceeds will go to the local PF club and the Waconia Conservation Club! The main prize being a custom built Fish House with the following features.

-6 1/2'x12' plus V-front

-square tubing frame

-crank down wheels with leaf spring suspension

-crank down tongue, so the house can remain hooked to your hitch while fishing. The tongue is also easily removable for theft deterrence.

-spray foam insulation

-rubber roof

-2 Vinyl windows

-5 holes, with catch covers

-carpeted and paneled inside

-vent-less heater

-tail lights

Tickets can be purchased at the In Towne Marina for $10 each, with a limit of 1000 tickets to be sold. The fish house can be seen on the ice in front of the In Towne Marina immediately.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brrrrrrrrr... It sure is cold, but the walleyes don't care! 1-3-2010

The temperature has been cold, but the big walleye bite has been hot! In the last week we have seen and heard of more big walleyes than we can remember in any other short stretch of time! When you talk to anyone who has been fishing on Waconia recently, they have either caught a nice walleye or know someone else who did. period. There are no big secrets right now, just make sure to follow some of these rules.

Be patient- seems obvious, but give it some time, sometimes you get lucky, but usually time on the ice is necessary. this ties into the next point.

Fish at the right time- Again, seems obvious but so many people are walking into the bait shop at noon and asking where the walleyes are. We respond with our own question- "Can you fish into dark tonight at all?" and the answer too many times is " No, not tonight I have to be home by 5pm" what we are getting at is, where isn't always as important as when. Make sure You are on the ice in the evening or early a.m. if You are serious about catching walleye!

Get alone- Being off by yourself where it is quiet isn't always necessary when walleye fishing, but we would argue that the experienced anglers that get away from the crowds are catching the majority of the eyes! This has been hard to do lately, but now that Jim has plowed such a nice network of roads, people can start to spread out!

Try something new- Easy to say, but just get a little creative. Try slowing down, downsize baits when it's tough. When there is action, upsize and get aggresive, pay attention to what the fish are doing today. Just because something worked great with your uncle back in 1988 doesn't mean that it applies to today.

Enough about fish, let's talk lake conditions. Ice thickness is now in the 10" to 17" range , with 14" to 15" being most common. We are certain you can find more or less than this in areas, but these numbers are most common. Slush under the deep snow had been difficult to deal with last week, but thanks to the extreme cold, those slushy areas have firmed up nicely. Driving off road has gotten easier thanks that slush freezing and the snow settling some. When you venture off the beaten path still make sure to check ice ahead of yourself and don't forget the shovel.

Good luck on the ice!
Call the bait shop anytime with any questions!
(952) 442-2096