Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Muskie Opener Edition

This past weekend was the start of the 2010 muskie-fishing season. For those of you that were on the water, you might remember the awesome sunrise that lit up the sky. Many of the muskie fishermen that have been out are seeing fish. From my reports and reports from others, some of the fish are being a bit lethargic, but on the occasion you might have an encounter with an aggressive one. It seems that bucktails and bulldawgs have been two of the top bait choices, but never rule out a topwater lure if the conditions are right. As far as where to go, to be honest with you there aren’t any “hot spots” right now. Some of the bass guys are seeing fish up shallow so don’t be afraid to try various depths. At the moment you can find fish shallow in 7 ft of water or less and also suspended in 20 ft of water. Stick to the basics and fish the weed points, turns in the weeds, drop offs, shoreline breaks, and you should see fish. If your not moving fish, switch things up and try different baits, techniques, and depths. When it comes to muskie fishing something as simple as your lure retrieve speed, and being out during the key time periods can make a big difference.

The walleyes have been biting! Last night (6/7/10) anglers were having success with a jig and a minnow. Concentrate around the 14-18ft depths of water. Areas like Kegs Reef, Center Reef, and North Reef have been some of the better spots. A slip bobber and a leech can also be an effective way of catching walleyes. Being out during the lower light periods, sunrise and sunset have been the best.

Bass anglers are having good success! The bass can be found in a variance of water depths. Fish are being reported in shallow water in and around the reeds and docks, but also off of the shoreline breaks and reefs, in and around the weeds. It seems that the bigger bass have been coming off of the reefs, in deeper water. Plastic worms and spinnerbaits have been working the best.

The sunfish are in the shallows and getting ready for spawning. Mixed sizes are being reported, so expect to weed through them. A simple slip bobber and worm are working the best. Try fishing the south shoreline, Reinkes Bay, and the northwest side of the lake.

See you at the lake!

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  1. Caught a nice 24 inch walleye north of the island.