Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lake Waconia Fishing Report 2010 – Opener Edition

The 2010 game fish season is finally here!!!

This Saturday, May 15, 2010 is the start of the inland water, game fish season. Walleye will be the main attraction, but don’t forget the northern pike as well. I’m sure most of you have been awaiting its arrival ever since ice out. For the last month, not only have you been reading articles on how to persuade our state fish in to biting, but also stocking up on new tackle and baits, hoping for a trophy class fish.

Lake Waconia is one of the pristine walleye lakes found just outside the metro area. If you’re looking to go out this weekend, but not willing to travel far; Lake Waconia is the place you want to be!

The conditions this Spring, have been somewhat extreme. We have seen a very mild April with highs approaching 80 degrees at times too the month of May being very cool and damp. This means two things, the water temps have drastically changed as well as the fish habits changing. On a typical opener you’re going to find a majority of the fish near or within shallow water. The depth of water you would want to keep in mind is and around the 4 – 9ft range. Usually the night fishermen have their best chances, shallower in the evening with either slip bobbers, casting/trolling shallow rapala’s, or even a jig and minnow works great too.

For anyone that plans on venturing out during the daylight hours you might want to try just a little bit deeper using a jig and a minnow or even try running lindy rigs with a leech or a minnow. The depth of water you would want to concentrate on, is around 8 - 15ft. Leeches and minnows are going to be your best bait for this time of year. Typical colors you might want to try are chartreuse and red glows.

With the variance in water temperature this past month you may have to consider revising your game plan, as fish patterns change. If you’re not having any luck in the shallow water, try deeper. Keeping switching things up whether it’s lures, bait choices, or depth of water. Find something that works for you!

Some of the predominant shallow water spots are the Carp Trap, Rock Dock, swimming beach, Clay Banks, and the shallow water areas located west of Nelson’s Flats. If deeper water is on your mind try fishing one of the many reefs, Pillsbury reef, Center reef, Kegs reef, and the east side of the island just to name a few.

We have a full supply of bait and tackle, whether you’re coming to Lake Waconia or venturing up north. Our bait shop has a wide variety of bait including shiners, fatheads, leeches, and crawlers. We also have rental boats ready to go, so if you don’t have a boat feel free to give us a call and reserve one! The bait shop will be OPEN ALL NIGHT on Friday 5/14 for the guys that want to head out at midnight. Our hours Monday through Friday are 7:30 a.m.– 8:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. on the weekends. Feel free to stop on by!


  1. Hi All,

    I fished a good portion of the day on Saturday for the opener. (9am-5pm) I know this isn't ideal time but it was nice out. We tried from 4 ft out to 20+ feet but weren't able to hook up with any walleye. Maybe next time. Any tips would be appreciated!


  2. Hey Josh,

    In regards to opening night, the best time frame reported was from midnight until about 5 in the morning. Most of the fish being caught at this time were either caught using fatheads or shad raps in shallow water less than 10ft.

    Lake Waconia is a weed oriented lake. One of the most popular methods can be vertical jigging a fireball jig and a fathead. If you can use your trolling motor to work the week pockets and weed edges. Key time factors also play a big role in Waconia. If you can try and get out before sunset and fish into the night or plan on getting up early and fishing the sunrise bite. The best walleye bite throughout the year on Waconia is during low light periods. As you saw it is going to be a lot harder to target walleyes during the middle of the day.

    With the water warming up fast you might just want to try the reefs instead of the shallows. Try Nelsons Flats, Kegs Reef, and Center Reef just to name a few.