Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Waconia Fishing Report 8-26-09

This week we're gonna start off with a little excitement. In Towne Marina Employee, Kyle Stender, caught the fish of a lifetime, with a monster 52 1/2 inch muskie on Tuesday at 6 pm.

While the fishing conditions haven't changed much from the previous week, we're getting closer to that time of year where both the muskies and walleyes begin to pick up. Evidenced by Kyle's catch, the muskies continue to be well worth fishing for on Lake Waconia. Try working the weeds on Reinke's Reef, North Reef or Center Reef for starters. Walleyes, while not overly active of late, would be worth fishing on Keg's Reef or Center Reef, with a patient presentation. Jigging fatheads or slowly dragging lindy rigs has worked for a few anglers recently. Sunfish and crappies have been a touch deeper than the past few weeks. We're seeing some of these fish biting in 12 to 14 feet of water using wax worms and crappie minnows.

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Also, a quick reminder, we will be sending in ALL cormorant petitions after Monday, September 21st, so if you are collecting signatures, please return them to us before that date. Thank you to all of you that are working with us on this issue.


  1. Just came across your blog - good stuff. I have a friendly fishing tournament on Saturday evening. I've never fished Waconia. Where are the various reefs located (center, north, anderson, keg, pillbury)?

  2. Thanks for reading! Pillsbury is located in the western part of the lake. Center is just east of Pillsbury. Kegs is about in the middle of the lake. North Reef is directly north of Kegs. Anderson's is located in the SE side of the lake between the main DNR access and the County Park. Reinke's Reef is in the far NE side of the lake. Cemetery Reef is SE of Coney Island. Stop in to our shop to check out our map and we'll be happy to point out the areas that are producing best. Good Luck!