Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lake Waconia Ice and Fishing Report 12-20-09

Happy Holidays from the In Towne Marina! Here is what we have been finding in the ice department. Much of what we are seeing is 8" to 12", with 9"-10" being quite common. Unfortunately we are finding 5"-7" of ice in some of the deeper snow drifts on the lake. When we have found as little as 5" or 6" of ice we have taken the time to mark it with caution tape. We marked these spots so that vehicles can avoid them if they want to. If You find ice you are uncomfortable with, please mark it and let us know where it is at! With todays snow we have run into some slush where the drifts are big and deep. You will see some smaller vehicle randomly on the lake. As of today we have NOT opened our access to driving vehicles, and are NOT recommending driving cars or trucks on Lake Waconia yet . If You choose to drive, make sure to do the obvious and check the ice ahead of yourself!

Caution should be used if you want to head up to the Reinke's Bay area! An ugly pressure ridge has been found up in the north east part of the lake that runs from North of the Clay Banks all the way to the railroad tracks on the north side of Lake Waconia. Keep your eyes peeled!

Let's talk fish! In the last couple of nights the walleye action has heated up. Today alone we have seen 7 fish between 17" and 23". Depths the Walleye's have been reported in are either 11'-13' on the weed edges or a little deeper of the drops in 16'-20' of water. Panfish have remained a little tougher, but sunnies, crappies and perch have all been coming in from Waconia bay, Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef. Depths of 9'-15' are where most of that action has been. Don't forget we rent Fish Houses! Call any time for more info 952-442-2096.

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