Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Pike Action!

It seems like every couple weeks we get to brag about something, and this week it's the big northern pike!
During the warm up people were finally able to get out and do some serious tip-up fishing and it has paid off.
Many of the Northern Pike have have been coming from Waconia bay, Center Reef, Nelson's Flats and North of Pillsbury Reef. Anglers are catching them in 10'-15' of water, near or in the weeds. Sucker minnows have been the bait of choice, with many people putting their minnows on a tip-up rig or a good old plain hook. We have been hearing of some smaller Northern pike being caught as well, which is great news for the future.

With all of the rain and warm weather a lot of people wondering how the ice is holding up. The ice is more than holding it's own. Ice thickness has not changed much, if at all. The plowed roads are holding up well, but expect a decent amount of water on the roads, and a little rough ride. At the time of this post it's 4:00pm Sunday 1/24/10 and we expect things to be firmed up substantially by Wednesday or sooner. We have not heard of any swirling of holes in fish houses yet, but if we do we will report it right away. For the most updated report feel free to call the Bait Shop for more info. (952) 442-2096

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