Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Settling In

The fishing has finally started to settle into its normal summer patterns, and fish are becoming more predictable. The water temperatures are in the upper 70s and the low 80s. The trend with most species is to start looking deeper.

For all of the boaters out and about, there is not a better time to be on the water, low winds, and high temps make for a great trip. If anyone is looking to rent a boat and motor or pontoon, we have a special that runs on Tuesday's and Thursday's for 10% off of a rental. Check the promotions page for more information.

The bass have been biting very well shallow and deep water. Many of the larger fish are coming off of the deeper cabbage and weed beds. Some of the better areas are Reinke's bay, Anderson's reef and Cemetary reef. Anglers are utilizing Texas rigged worms and bass jigs to hook up with monster bass. If you prefer to stay in the shallows, top water and spinner baits are producing on the north side of the lake in the pencil grass and reeds.

The larger sunfish are becoming a little more difficult to find as they are in the 16' range and starting to scatter across the weeds. The best bet is using a slip bobber with either a panfish leech or a wax worm. Also people are finding fish in the 5 to 6' cabbage beds in Reinke's bay and the southern shoreline.

Walleyes are being caught mostly during the cover of darkness and low light periods. The tactics that seem to work the best are rigging or slip bobber fishing in the 17-22' range off of weed lines. The best baits seem to be crawlers and leeches. Some more popular spots are Keg's reef, and Anderson's reef.

The water temps are in the 80s which put muskies at high risk for exhaustion. Fishing has slowed down but people are still raising a few fish here and there. Taking a break for a couple of weeks would be a great idea for the fish's sake. If you do feel the need to scratch to the itch try to target cooler nights and mornings. A rule of thumb is if the water temp is over 80 degrees, put down the stick and try to target other species.

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