Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lake Waconia Ice/Snow Report 12-15-10

Snow snow snow and more snow. Not quite the start to the ice fishing season most were expecting. While the snow is hampering the development of the ice, there is still enough good walkable ice to allow for those of you chomping at the bit to wet a line. So far, the lake has seen very little fishing pressure, so there are plenty of fish left to be had. Waconia Bay is usually a good place to start. So far, the bite has been average, but those fishing sunfish in the daytime have had success in or around weeds. There have been a few nice pike caught there as well. It's also not a bad idea to fish walleyes early in the season in 12 to 14 feet of water in the outer periphery of the bay. Take advantage of fishing there now before traffic/noise/fishing pressure increase.

Expect to find a lot of varying thicknesses when you drill holes in different areas. We're still finding ice as thin as 4 inches in some areas by Cemetery Reef, with the median average being between 6 to 7 inches in Waconia Bay, and up to 9 or more inches of combined ice where slush has frozen solid. Speaking of slush, come prepared with good waterproof boots, because there are scattered areas of slush, with some several inches deep. To make an easier walk to your hotspot, avoid the deeper snow drifts by following the frozen clearings that were previously slush. As of now, we are not allowing permanent houses through our access because of the snow and slush out front.

Feel free to call us at 952-442-2096 for the latest report on the ice. It changes almost daily, so it's important to find out before heading on the lake.

Our annual Ice and Dice prize giveaway has begun. We're looking forward to seeing your fish and hopefully giving away a nice prize.

We hope to see you soon!

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