Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice Update 1-21-12

We opened up our access for vehicle traffic yesterday. While we are finding very good ice in many locations, between 11 to 13 inches, we still have the dangerous areas on Center and Pillsbury Reefs to watch out for. We also are continuing to deal with active springs on the lake. We are doing everything we can to mark any spots we come across, but it's impossible to cover every square inch of the lake, and therefore we can never guarantee ice. We highly recommend that you do your exploring during the day and not at night. Please stop in to the marina to see our map of areas to avoid that we have come across. If you find something of concern on the lake, we ask that you help us by marking the area as best as you can so others can avoid it. We're excited to see people come out to Waconia to get the bite on! If we help each other, this should be a safe and happy rest of the winter for all of us that have waited so long to enjoy it!

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