Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lake Roads are OPEN! 2/22/14

Good news! We were able to plow roads past Waconia Bay, to Center Reef and around to Pillsbury Reef today.  The roads are much narrower than usual, so drive slow and use caution when passing other vehicles.  If you are looking to fish near the road, please park so you don't clog the lane and drill all holes at least 25 feet from the road so you don't potentially flood it.  There is a lot of weight on the ice now from all of the heavy snow, so don't expect much freeboard.

We'll be doing our best to keep the current roads open, but pay attention for any future snow.  If we get any more measurable snowstorms, it will be increasingly more difficult to keep the roads open and to retrieve permanent houses off the ice.  Don't forget permanent fish houses must be off the lake by March 3rd.

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