Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick Lake Waconia Ice Update - 12/26/15

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We took a quick ice walk to Waconia Bay and over to the walleye hole between the marinas this morning and found between 3 to 3.75 inches, with an average of 3.25 inches. Currently we have 3 inches of snow on the surface, while expecting more. The snow won’t help us gain ice thickness as quickly despite cold temps, as it creates an insulating factor. We'll be monitoring the situation in the coming days. Keep in mind, we haven’t been on the ice elsewhere, and we’ve seen from a distance small areas kept open by geese on the west end of Wagener’s Bay, so pay close attention during this early ice period. We recommend chiseling ahead of yourself and use early ice safety precautions if you head out. We’ll update our hours later tomorrow!

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