Monday, November 26, 2018

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Ice Report - 11/26/18 - We remain temporarily closed

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving Weekend! We remain closed while we wait for better ice conditions. With the rain we had most of Black Friday and the warmer temps and wind through Saturday, there are now several areas of open water on Lake Waconia.

The largest open water area extends from parts of Center Reef and goes all the way to Reinke’s Bay and to the south encompassing Keg’s Reef toward the island. Another large open area is east of the island and extends south encompassing all of Cemetery Reef and beyond. There are also several random smaller open spots on the eastern fringe of Waconia Bay and east of the marina out to the “walleye hole”. We also noticed a couple of small open spots just north of the Wagener’s Bay access as well. All of these areas we spotted from land. Basically, there are scattered open spots in several locations.

As of this post (Monday 11/26/18 at 11 am), there is still plenty of wind keeping the open areas wavy and unable to freeze. To be quite honest, despite the cold, we feel the open water areas are getting bigger. Because of this, we will be holding off on doing our first ice walk until a later time. Let’s hope for much cooler temperatures and calmer winds to re-freeze the lake and start building ice thickness!

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