Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July and More

This coming weekend already marks the 4th of July, summer is officially moving fast. The forecast for this week is very favorable with sun, mid-80's and light wind. The fishing is overall starting to settle into normal summer patterns, despite the unsettled atmosphere.

Many of the bass fisherman have reported the fish to be coming up a little shallower with some good numbers. Still the majority of the larger fish are coming off of the deeper cabbage beds. Pitching bass jigs and working Texas rigged worms are go to baits. Some of the recent hot spots have been Pillsbury reef and the mouth of Waconia bay.

The walleye guys have still been at it in the last week, and have been having decent luck. Spinners, jigs and lindy rigs are kicking out fish from 16-22' on Center, Kegs and North reef. With the busy weekend, fish are going to be turned off during the daytime hours, so really key in on the night bite for the best action.

Sunfish have wrapped up spawning for the most part and the larger ones are starting to relate to weedlines in 10 -18 feet. The best bet is slip bobber fishing or Lindy rigging at these depths with small crawlers or regular leeches.

The muskies continue to show themselves regularly with some 50" fish being caught. Many anglers are saying that the number of fish they are seeing is going up, the tricky part is getting them to eat. Double bladed bucktails, soft plastics, and also dive and rise jerkbaits have been moving and catching the most fish. Also do not overlook trolling crank baits for suspended fish next to deeper water. Anywhere you can find a good weed growth close to deep water there will be fish. Try Kegs, Center and Anderson's reef in 14-18' of water.

As all of you know the 4th of July tends to be the most busy time of the year which leads to the most hectic times at the boat ramps. Here is a quick video helping all of you to remember some important guidelines when launching the boat. Also if you do not have a slip or buoy please park on the street and limit one car per group for members. If you need any help feel free to ask someone in the shop for assistance! We will be open from 6:30 A.M. until an hour or more after the fireworks to assist at the boat ramp.

Thank you to all the individual contributers & local businesses joining us to help make the show a success , we really appreciate it!

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