Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is here!

Today seems like the first day we are starting to get out of this up and down weather pattern and that should start to create some consistency in the fishing. The water temperature is currently around 74 degrees but with the warm weather it should easily reach the high-70's by the end of the week.

The walleye bite has been going strong with many people still having success on the jig and fathead combination. This time of year leeches and crawlers are always a sound bet with a spinner or Lindy rig. Mid-lake reefs are kicking out the most fish in depths of 16-22 feet. Some good areas to try are Keg's reef, Center reef and Anderson's reef. Many anglers are starting to report some good keeper size fish in the 16"-18" range along with some larger fish.

Panfish have been the most affected by the recent weather patterns which are taking place during their spawn. The fish are continuously moving on and off their beds, look for beds in under 5' of water and if they aren't on the beds look to some of the deeper weed beds for success. Wagners bay, the south shore, and the reeds on the north side have been kicking out the most sunfish. Crappies have moved out of the shallows for the most part, even though some can still be found lingering on their beds. The best bet is slip bobber fishing in 7-12 feet with a small jig and crappie minnow. Many people have been doing well on the southern shore of the lake.

Bass can still be found shallow in the reeds and along shore, but the majority of the fish are in the 2.5# range but there are still some big fish cruising the shallows. If you are in search of larger fish working the cabbage beds in 7-15' has been the go to method. A bass jig or a Texas rigged stick bait seem to be the best option. Center reef along with the shoreline weeds continue to be excellent locations.

Now to the mighty muskie. There have been a lot of people fishing in the past few weeks with great results. There are numerous reports of 50" fish that have been caught along with many smaller ones. Weed lines have been the main areas that anglers target in 10-15'. The baits of choice are bucktails, and soft plastic baits. Make sure before you go out to have the right equipment! A good net, a long pair of pliars and a strong side cutter is essential for muskie hunting! Also be sure to get the fish back into the water fast, with temperatures rising the fish will be having a harder time recovering!

In Towne Marina slip and buoy members - We will be holding a family fishing contest July 17th from 10:30-3:30. There will be prizes, food, and fun! Call (952) 442-2096 or stop in for more information

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