Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fish House Rental

The In Towne Marina Fish House rental fleet is out in full force! Jim, Ben and Jimmy have been on the ice this week taking advantage of the very good conditions on Lake Waconia. Ice thicknesses between 10" and 24" can be found with 13"-16" being common. Call 952-442-2096 to make a reservation for a house if you have that itch to get out there!

Our access is now open to driving cars and trucks. As always, no matter how much ice we have we never say ice is safe, but we are comfortably driving our trucks to the rental fish houses. We are seeing Vehicles and Wheel houses of all sizes making their way onto the ice. Folks not comfortable driving large vehicles yet, are getting around great on ATV's and snowmobiles. Remember our daily access rate for a vehicle is $2 including tax. A Season Pass is a great deal at $25 including sales tax! If you choose to walk we only ask $1!

At this point roads have not been plowed because of the minimal snow on the lake(about 1"). Obvious paths have been made by the vehicle traffic from our frontage out to Waconia Bay, Center Reef, and Pillsbury Reef. With such little snow, cars and 2 wheel drive trucks haven't had many problems getting around on the lake. Conditions out on the ice are much better than just 10 days ago, we really couldn't be happier!

Thanks for reading, and we will see you on the ice!

In Towne Marina

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