Sunday, January 2, 2011

Much improved ice!

Good News! Lake Waconia's ice has been improving for the past several days. We (Ben and Jimmy) spent most of Sunday 1/2/11 on the ice measuring thicknesses lakewide. We drilled and checked on and around most of the major reefs and found anywhere from 10 to 22 inches, with 12-14 inches being very common. Having said that, there are areas near each reef, that we still found varying layered ice that consisted of a 6-8 inch bottom layer, with a 1-3 inch middle water layer, and a 2-3 inch crusty frozen slush top layer. These locations are a textured white in color on the surface, and are this way because some of the deeper snow did not completely saturate like most of the lake did when it rained last Thursday. If you are going to be traveling across the lake with a 4-wheeler and a fish house, we advise you to skirt around these areas to avoid getting stuck.

At this time we are not allowing cars or trucks to come through our access, because of the previously mentioned layered ice. For the most part, we feel very good about the ice that we found across the lake! Remember, we drilled a lot of holes, but can't possibly check it all. So as usual check ahead of yourself!

We will be placing our rental fish houses this week. We hope you can join us on the lake! Call 952-442-2096 to make a reservation.

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