Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fishing Opener Early Report

It has officially begun. The Fishing opener is well into day one, and for those anglers who fished the early morning hours, many had success. Walleyes ranging from nice keepers in the 17-20 inch range, up to whoppers as big as 30 inches were reported on the lake. There weren't many anglers out due to the weather, but those who made it out found them in shallow water (less than 10 feet). Live bait such as fatheads, shiners and leeches worked well for some, while others chose their favorite artificial bait, such as a small profile rapala. With the water temperatures still hovering in the upper 40's/low 50's, expect the walleyes to stay shallow for a bit longer. This upcoming week looks like we'll be entering the beautiful portion of spring, with sunny weather and temps getting into the 60's. The sunfish and crappie bite should continue to improve daily with this weather. Come join us at the lake while the bite is good!

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