Thursday, May 12, 2011

MAY, 2011 Lake Waconia Gamefish Opener WEEK

Mother Nature has challenged Minnesota anglers and boaters this spring! It may be taking a little longer to get gear out and weather to use it, but as the saying goes, “Nothing worth waiting for, comes Easy”!

Even as waves crashed, clouds tumbled & the thermometer dipped instead of raised, the lake scene here remained fascinating, as we worked on spring marina assembly. We hope the beauty of the lake and the first hum of your motor help you forget the long wait, soon! FISH ON!! BOAT ON!!

Our launch is ready and bait tanks are filled, coolers, candy bins, ice & tackle stocked. Need a new combo, or tackle to rig it- we have it all, just in time to go after the big ones! By next week at this time our docks & buoys will be filling with stored boats of valued marina members. We’re anxious for their arrival & a great summer!

THIS Friday 5/ 13 we’ll be serving up opener bait and sharing fishing wisdom & smart talk with anyone who wants to join in, ALL NIGHT LONG!! No matter if you forgot your license, battery for your flashlight, lighter, leader, rod tips or line? We’ve been supplying what you’ve forgotten, broken or just plain wish you had for lot’s of years now [over 30]! Stop in, if we don’t have it, we’ll help find it.

Just a few OPENER LAKE NOTES as of this writing 5/11/11:

-Yesterday was the 2nd day the surface water temp rose above 50 degrees

-Shoreline trees greened up just a few days ago- No lilacs are blooming yet

-Lake water level is 16” higher than Fall 2010, before ice formed

-Creek and surface water is actively running into & out of the lake

-Last seasons cattails are generally flooded

-Water clarity has been low [visibility 4’ down or less] but is improving daily

-Carver County Water Patrol placed Danger Buoys on the west shore Wagener’s Bay marking the “Rock Dock”; at the N/E Public Approach & a few on the north shore.

DNR Reminder: Pull your boat plug & drain live-wells when exiting all waters. Do NOT transport bait or fish in LAKE water. Do not dispose of bait held in “lake” water into the lake, or on its shore. Ensure your boat plug is IN & boat free of exotics BEFORE launching/leaving. Keep live bait out of lake water, to hold it.

To Help You comply-WE Offer:

  • FREE “fresh” non-chlorine water to transport & refresh live bait.
  • Bring your unwanted bait, dead or alive to our SHOP. We will properly dispose of it, FREE. PLEASE do NOT put bait in our Trash Containers!
  • We sell ice to legally transport your catch.
We’re working with you, to help protect our resources! Thank you to all our regular customers as you patiently waited and watched as we assembled the marina to receive you! Welcome, also to all Waconia newbie visitors! We’re happy to greet you too! You can’t find a better lake, town or fellow boaters than here! Opener updates will be posted as they come in, and more frequent reports will be provided to keep you in the know. Thank You and see you at the lake!

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