Sunday, July 24, 2011

End July 2011 Waconia Fishing Report

As July 2011 wraps up, this month will be remembered for weather extremes! Changing strong winds, heavy rain, temperature & humidity spikes kept us watchful while on or in the water!
This past week it either felt like or was 100 for a few days!

High temps can be good and bad for fishing- some species get much more aggressive- making for great fun. However, if you intend to catch & release- take extra care not to overtire fish before releasing. Heat makes it tough for fish to recover from battling your hook. Live bait & fish kept for a meal, will stay more lively & fresh if kept in a cooler or on ice, rather than on a stringer or in a live well. Keep fish & bait cool, & the fish will stay firm, fresh & safe to eat. Also, bait kept cool [we share refrigerated water for FREE] won't have to be disposed of if it's NOT held in lake-water [new exotics law]. Drag out the old Coleman cooler for hot days, you'll win all the way around!

These fish have been the go-to fish for a few weeks now! Their numbers have been excellent this year. Guys are finding them in all types of terrain, such as reefs shallows and break-lines. To start the day, grab a top water bait -throw it in the shallow shorelines or move to
Cemetery, Reds or Center Reefs to try a spinner-bait or a jig and a leech.

Sunfish are as active as ever, if you don't mind waiting to find the ones to keep & release the young for future outings. Those finding sizable fish to stay in the boat, locate them in weed pockets near or on reefs, in 12-15 feet of water. Most productive reefs have been Center, North, and Kegs. This week those using a small jig tipped with a small leech or wax worm, had luck.

It's good to finally complain about "hot" weather- it seemed like it would never arrive! There's lots of Summer left, and fun to be had! Hope you come here to enjoy it!

See you here, on beautiful Lake Waconia!
The Mase Family & Staff,
In Towne Marina

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