Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Week from Waconia hosting the Governor's Fishing Opener!

Time is fast approaching to one of the biggest events in Waconia's history.  Last year, Lake Waconia was chosen as the site for the 2012 Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener, a prestigious honor for this town that has so much to offer.  We are excited to be one of many sponsors for this event, and look forward to help showcase our beautiful lake and town.  We are proud of our friend and local guide, Travis Frank, who was chosen to guide Governor Dayton.  We know that if there is anyone who can lead him to a successful walleye catch, it is Travis!

Lake Waconia is known as a great fishing resource.  Walleyes are a very popular choice among anglers to target on this lake, and it's been recently known that if you hook one, chances are good that it will be a lunker.  There is a minimum size restriction of 16 inches, so keep that in mind.  With the early ice out this spring, it's difficult to predict if the walleyes will be in their usual spots for this time of year.  We've noticed weed growth is happening earlier, and the major walleye spawn is over.  What does this mean?  You may have to adjust your approach to fishing from your usual Opener habits.  While it's still probable that you will find action in traditional spots, such as the Rock Dock, the Carp Trap or Harm's Point, it may be wise to move a tad deeper to fish outside weedlines and weed breaks on some of the reefs in 12 to 15 feet of water.  Places like Center Reef, North Reef, Keg's Reef, and Anderson's Reefs might be more productive due to the earlier seasonal start.  We still expect that baits like Large Leeches and either Fathead Minnows or Shiner Minnows will be best to catch the most fish.  While Night Crawlers are usually better come June, it won't be surprising to us to see anglers having success with those, as we may be approaching a June pattern, despite being early May.

If you like to chase after northern pike, you will be happy to know that we have seen an increase in numbers in the last year.  This winter, we were pleasantly surprised to see numerous catches in the 4 to 8 pound range.  For those of you who like to troll, weedlines like those down from the cemetery and out from the beach are popular areas.  Reefs like Pillsbury, Center and North are also good areas to focus if you are casting.  Sucker minnows are a popular choice for live bait fishermen.

As for the other legal species, we continue to hear plenty of good reports of sunfish and crappie bites.  It has continued to be productive by the weedlines of Waconia Bay in 10 to 13 feet of water.  It won't be long once temps start to rise and stay consistent, that both sunnies and crappies should be easier to find in the shallows as they begin their spawn pattern.  There is a wide range of sizes for both, so while the action should be good, you will need to sort to get some keepers for the fry pan.

We look forward to seeing you as we get into this exciting time for Waconia.  We are OPEN ALL NIGHT on Friday, May 11th for the Opener to take care of your bait and tackle needs and to help get you the info you need for a successful day.

If you are interested in renting a fishing boat or pontoon, give us a call.  We will be happy to set up a reservation to get you on water!

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