Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lake Waconia Ice & Fishing Update 12/14/13

Lake Waconia's ice continues to grow in thickness, but some areas are growing more than others.  We're finding the best, most consistent ice out from our marina in Waconia Bay, out between the 2 marinas, and to Cemetery Reef.  We're measuring ice between 10 to 14 inches, with the majority of it between 12 to 14 inches in these areas.  The reason the ice is better in these spots, is because when it snowed last Wednesday the 4th, the snow got saturated here and froze, rather than drifting.  Because it's more consistent here, we opened our access the latter part of this week for vehicle traffic to these areas only.  We suggest stopping in to our shop to learn more.

Some of the spots we've checked with the least ice include parts of Center, Pillsbury, Harm's Point and "Under the Wires".  These locations also have lots of very thick ice as well (up to 14 inches), but since some of the snow never got saturated, it caused a scattered range of snow drifts that kept the ice as little as 6.5 to 8 inches under those drifts. Because of this varied range of ice, we're suggesting to wait before driving vehicles to those areas.  If you were to drill numerous holes, you'd most likely find excellent ice, but it just takes one bad spot to ruin a day.  We will continue to monitor the ice, so please call us at (952) 442-2096 for the latest ice news.

As for fishing, the past few days we have seen more and more anglers taking to the ice to wet their lines.  The action has been good, with plenty of sunfish and crappie reports. Wax worms and crappie minnows have been the most popular bait choices. Expect to do some sorting if you're looking for keepers.  Walleyes have been decent as well, with some reports of keepers mixed in amongst under-sized walleyes.  Keep in mind, walleyes must be 16 inches or over to keep on Lake Waconia.  With the temps more conducive for tip-up fishing, there have been more reports of northern pike as well.  Small suckers have been working to get those to bite.

Since we're most pleased with the ice in Waconia Bay, we've begun our Fish House Rental season!  Currently we have 3 rental houses out in 10 to 11 feet of water.  We're focusing on action for sunfish and crappies, with the potential for northern pike or even walleye.  If you're looking to get on the ice, and want it to be an easy, pleasant experience, try us out.  We drill the holes, and the heat is on!  All you need is a license, rods, and bait.  If you don't have some of the equipment, we rent jig sticks either individually, or in buckets for a group.  Underwater cameras are also available to rent!  We also sell licenses, bait, tackle and snacks!  Call (952) 442-2096 to reserve.

We hope to see you at the lake!

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