Friday, January 20, 2017

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Ice Report - 1/20/17

The warmer temps this week have made conditions on the ice wet and slippery.  Bring your ice cleats! The ice itself has been holding up quite well so far.  The majority of the water on the ice is due to snow melt.  We are still seeing between 15 to 19 inches of ice as of this writing today, 1/20/17.  The access remains in good condition as well.

If you have a permanent fish house on Lake Waconia, we suggest keeping an eye on it the next several days.  Weather forecasters predict some light rain the next day or two, but thankfully the winds are supposed to be minimal through the weekend.  We don’t expect any major problems regarding the ice or fish houses in the near future, but it’s best to pay attention.  If you were hoping to bring a house out and leave it out for several days without checking on it, it may be best to move it off the holes or bring it to shore or home with you.

If you choose to move it off the holes, leave it cranked down as close to the ice as you can without freezing it in, to minimize air flow under the house (as wind mixed with water can created a whirlwind effect that erodes the ice under the house).  Keep in mind, we anticipate some snow by Tuesday or Wednesday that could make things slushy too. 

Again, it’s no time to panic regarding the conditions, but it’s best to remain diligent and watchful.  Pay attention to other’s houses too and report anything that concerns you to us so we can inform.

See you at the lake!

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