Saturday, December 16, 2017

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Ice Report - 12/16/17

We were out checking ice on Lake Waconia all afternoon today, 12/16/17. Most of our day was spent marking the 2 major goose holes we reported on Tuesday. Pay attention for lath board and flagging tape we used to mark these areas. We found more areas of concern today, specifically a ½ mile long pressure ridge that extends from the NW side of Coney Island to the north, ending west of the south side of Keg’s Reef. Part of this area had dangerously thin ice that was previously old goose holes we had not seen yet. The areas above are why we caution everyone from 4-wheeling on the main lake at this time. If you are thinking of going out with an ATV, please pay attention and spend some time checking ahead of yourself. Keep in mind, we still have not been able to check over ½ of the lake, as well as the historical areas we’ve had springs in past years. We hope to do some further checking in the coming week.

Locations like Waconia Bay, the walleye hole between the marinas, “under the wires”, Pillsbury Reef and into Wagener’s Bay where we have drilled, we are seeing ice averaging between 5.5 to 6.5 inches of ice. Those areas are common early ice locations that we recommend fishing. These areas are close to walk to and provide good action all season long. Because we cannot cover every square inch of the lake (even in locations we are talking about in this paragraph), we never say ice is safe. Always use caution during early ice. Happy fishing!

*If you would like to see videos of our ice checks today, please check them out on our Facebook Page!

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