Monday, January 7, 2019

In Towne Marina Lake Waconia Ice Report - 1/7/19

Hey Everyone! It’s Monday, January 7th and we were on the ice early in the afternoon. With the mild weekend temps and overnight rain last night, we now have some standing water on a lot of the lake, especially around groups of fish houses. If you have a fish house on Lake Waconia, we suggest paying very close attention to it in the next 24 hours. It might be a good idea to check on it today and certainly by tomorrow afternoon. The forecast calls for temps to remain above 32 overnight and winds to be gusting into the upper 20 or low 30 mph range. With high winds and water on the ice, the wind will help increase swirling into any open fishing holes under your fish house (If your house is blocked too high allowing wind to swirl underneath). We suggest blocking your house on 2x4’s or less to keep it as close to the ice as possible without allowing for it to freeze in. Also, moving the house off open holes is a good idea as well. Some have even decided to pull their houses off the lake for a day or 2 and wait for the cold later this week. At this point, we are leaving our rental houses on the lake, as we have them blocked correctly. This is not a panic situation at the moment, but one that we advise should be taken seriously. Our access remains open for use, but may be limited if conditions worsen. We will update when we know more.

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