Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lake Waconia Fishing & Ice Report 2-5-13

Lake Waconia has been producing well this season for many anglers.  The bite has continued this past week, although it has been a good idea to use lighter lines, smaller jigs and smaller bait for the sunfish and crappies. It has been more of what we call a "finesse" bite.  Don't just expect the bobber to go slamming under the water.  Sometimes, you will see very little movement of the bobber, and you will have a fish latched on and not know it unless you are actively working your jigs or using a spring bobber.

Since we've finally got snow, we're seeing some fishermen moving around a little more to get away from the crowds and find that new honey hole.  Having said that we continue to hear good action for sunnies and crappies coming from Pillsbury and Center Reef, although we're also getting some action in Waconia Bay.  The depth we're still finding them at is in the 10 to 14 foot range.  A few anglers have ventured to the deeper water in Wagener's Bay, but as of yet the deep bite hasn't turned fully on.  The northern pike bite has been good as well.  We've weighed several nice pike in the past week and you should still be able to find them in the areas mentioned above.  With the the temps warming up a bit this week, don't be surprised if you catch a largemouth bass or two.  Those are generally more active as the temps get in the upper 20's or higher.  Walleyes continue to be biting late night or overnight.  We're still hearing reports of undersized fish, or if they are big, they are fat.  We recommending getting away from the crowded areas for your best chance.  Places like Keg's and North Reef would be good options in 13 to 18 feet.

As far as the ice goes, we continue to be in excellent shape for the majority of the lake.  Thicknesses are over 20 inches, approaching 2 feet.  Keep in mind to watch out for any of the areas that are marked with lath board or branches with caution tape.  We recently marked a good-sized spring north of Red's Reef that you will want to stay away from.  It's best to stop in to our store and check out our map to get a better idea of where you'll want to avoid.   

We have been having a good year in our Rental Fish Houses.  If you're thinking of renting and are new to ice fishing, we have rental jig rods and rental underwater cameras.  We do most of the dirty work, drilling the holes and having the heat on for you when you show up.  We've had good action for most of the year, with a decent chance to get some keepers.  Call (952) 442-2096 for reservations!

Plenty of prizes have been given away from our FREE Ice and Dice giveaway! Don't forget to weigh in your Lake Waconia fish for a chance to qualify!  All you need is 5.5 oz. sunfish, a 10 oz. crappie, a 5# northern, or a walleye between 16 to 23 inches or over 28 inches.  The game ends after Sunday 2/17/13, so get in on the fun before it's over!

Here's a couple of the nice fish weighed in this week!

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