Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/25/15 Ice Update

The Lake Roads are holding their own in this warmer weather. Road salt from vehicles and warm temps has put some “potholes” and a few bumps in the road, but for the most part we are happy with conditions.  We are finding 18”-23” of ice on the roads.  Temps have been cold enough at night to heal up the roads after these warmer days, and more than maintain our great conditions on the lake.
A local angler and friend found a spring in Wagner’s Bay. The spring is affecting about a 6’ circular area of ice.  The bubbling spring is keeping a 3’ circle wide open at the moment. We have thoroughly marked the spot with lath board and flagging tape.  The spring is about 200 to 250 yards West North West of the Wagner’s Bay access. We have the spot marked on our map in the Bait Shop!

Keep you eye’s peeled for more springs. We will be checking some of or GPS marked spots- areas that historically have had active springs to see if they are becoming more active. Check back here for an update in the coming days.

Thanks for checking in, and we will see you on the ice!

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