Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lake Waconia Fishing Report: Open ALL Night Friday 5/8 for Opener!

The Fishing Opener is almost here! Despite the early ice out this spring, the weather has varied enough that the water temperature isn't abnormal for the time of year as it just recently began approaching 60 degrees on Lake Waconia.  Therefore, we are hoping for a good post-spawn walleye bite!  We expect that you will find action in traditional shallower spots, such as the Rock Dock, the Carp Trap or Harm's Point, particularly in the overnight hours. Having said that, during the day it makes sense to move a tad deeper to fish some of the reefs in 12 to 15 feet of water, especially due to the noticeably clearer water we've seen this spring.  Reefs like Center, North, Keg's, and Anderson's might be more productive due to the earlier seasonal start.  We still think that baits like Large Leeches and either Fathead Minnows or Shiner Minnows will be best to catch the most fish, although crawlers have worked well some years on the Opener. Always keep in mind, Lake Waconia has a 16 inch walleye minimum.

For those that like to target northern pike on the Opener, we feel good about the prospects to get some action.  This winter, we continued to see numerous catches in the 4 to 8 pound range.  Reefs like Pillsbury, Center and North are great areas to focus if you are casting.  While trolling shouldn't be to troublesome, as the weeds aren't as high as you'd expect for the ice being gone for over a month.  Locations to troll, like the south side in front of the cemetery, by the beach, and on the east side by the Clay Banks should all be good spots to try. Sucker minnows are a popular choice for live bait fishermen.

Regulations on Largemouth Bass changed this year!  Now, anglers have the chance to actively fish for bass for a 2-week "Catch and Release" period.  Keep in mind, you will NOT be able to keep bass until the official Bass Opener on May 23rd.  Early season bass are always good in the shallows, as they will typically be in their spawning pattern in early May.

As for the other legal species, we continue to hear plenty of good reports of crappie action!  It has continued to be productive by the weeds of Waconia Bay in 8 to 12 feet of water.  Crappie minnows and jigs such as Flu Flus have been popular. So far, we have been surprised that we haven't seen much crappie movement in the shallows by our docks.  Last year they seemed to spawn a little outside the shallow zones, and so far it appears to be another year like that. The sunfish spawn is still a couple of weeks away, so while you may get into some action, the best bite is yet to come!

A safety reminder for all boaters on Waconia...this spring the water levels are lower than they have been for several years.  Keep that in mind when cruising out from or to shorelines, especially in the Nelson's Flats area and the shallow part of Pillsbury Reef on the NW side of the lake.  You don't want to start your season with prop damage.  If you do get unlucky and ding your prop, we offer repair service through BC Propeller.  We get props picked up and delivered every Monday and Thursday during the heart of the season.

We look forward to seeing you as we get into this exciting time of year!  We are OPEN ALL NIGHT on Friday, May 8th for the Opener to take care of your bait and tackle needs and to help get you the info you need for a successful day.  Stop in to say hi, or to have a quick snack and warm up!

For those of you not fishing that are taking part in Waconia Chamber's "Sister Saturday", be 1 of 100 early shoppers receiving free swag bags that include a Pontoon Rental discount from us!

If you are interested in renting a fishing boat or pontoon, give us a call for future reservations.  Our rental season will begin on the weekend of May 16th!

We hope to see you soon.  Happy Opener and good luck!

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